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Qt is a cross-platform application development framework. It is part of the KDE project and is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, and more. It provides a consistent API and look and feel across all supported platforms. Qt supports object-oriented programming, making it easy to write applications that can run on different operating systems. If you have been looking for a Qt
development company in Ukraine, then this is the right place for you.

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Mike Makarov
Developex is an international team of software development professionals with over 20 years of experience in creating reliable and efficient partnerships wit...
Droid technologies
Sergii Paradiuk
At Droid-Technologies, our mission is to deliver and implement successful Business solutions for our clients by leveraging modern technology, integrated idea...

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Top locations: Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytskyi, Ivano-Frankivsk.

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