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We’ve carefully researched DOU, Clutch, Linkedin and other relevant resources to create a list of the most reliable agencies out of 12,000+ Ukrainian IT companies. The Newfire Global Partners team is awesome and we can recommend them as a trusted software development partner.

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$25 to $50
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Newfire Global Partners is an American IT service company creating software solutions for innovative companies across the world. Founded in 2016, we now operate in 8 countries on 4 continents, focusing on Digital Healthcare, Education Technology, Cyber Security, Financial Technology and Mobile Gaming. We offer software solutions, staff augmentation, and advisory services. Our mission is to bring innovation to the market by building game-changing software solutions, attracting exceptional tech talent, and advising organizations on how to de-risk the software development process, increase product development velocity, and launch market-bound products. When partnering with Newfire, you can expect highly-skilled talent, a global reach and diversification, accelerated initiative realization, transparent and proactive management and advisors at your fingertips. Join us in forging new technology and let’s innovate together!

stephen hau - Newfire Global Partners
A true professional with solid experience in the IT industry who works hard on growing Newfire Global Partners and promoting Ukrainian tech talent on a global landscape.
stephen hau - Newfire Global Partners
Stephen Hau
CEO & Chairman

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Special Features
Rated on Clutch
Reviewed on DOU
IT Cluster member
Verified on YouControl
Hire trainees or juniors
Multiple business locations
Volunteering initiatives
Contribute to open source

If you are about to start a new business with Newfire Global Partners or looking for reviews as a potential new employee, it would be wise to check the company’s reputation and reliability. Presence on popular platforms like or, local IT Cluster membership, verification of Ukrainian legal entity at YouControl and other valuable signs can help you make the right choice.

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I’m working here more than 5years
During my career in Newfire Partners I’d many great opportunities to learn new technologies, to work on different positions and with multiple customers. I really appreciate it, because it wouldn’t happen in other company. So if you’re looking for cool experience — Newfire will help you wi […]
Only positive impressions
Once I left the company looking for myself in other directions, but I came back :) Many opportunities for projects, development as an engineer.Also, the personal life of employees is very much appreciated, so you can safely feel sorry for work at work.During the pandemic, there is a lot o […]
I have been working in the company for six months and so far I have an extremely positive impression
The first point of contact was with the recruiting process, and it was a well-coordinated and pleasant interaction. The interview was interesting, informative and took place in a positive atmosphere - it was a kind of preview of a cool future working environment. And so in fact it happene […]
Web Dev & Offshore Support for Patient Engagement Company
They possess an incredibly strong work ethic. COO, ConsejoSano.
Web Platform Dev & Design for Nonprofit Research Organization
Newfire Partners’ skills are world class. CTO, T1D Exchange.
Software Platform Revamp for Medical Equipment Company
They’re like an extension of our team, and they care about delivering software that’s effective and functional. CTO, UptimeHealth.
IT Staff Augmentation for Global SaaS Provider
The quality of their team and the breadth of the services they provide are impressive. Executive, Global SaaS Provider.
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