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Did you know how does YouTube count your video views?

I bet everyone once in a lifetime has ever thought about becoming world-famous, let’s say, like PSY with his Gangnam Style. Have you ever asked yourself how it is possible? At the first glance, everything appears to be quite easy. You upload your fabulously successful video to YouTube, view it once, twice…and…then only breathless anticipation of so long-awaited viewer-fans. Meanwhile an inevitable question pops up in your head: Will anybody view my video? And, oh, won’t YouTube steal a fine share of my video views? And how on earth does it do the counting?

Old-good Times of View Count

if_landing_page-29_446262Not to be misled by various off the top of somebody’s head guesses, first, it is worth understanding what a view is at all. So, view is an intentional video playback initiated by a real user. Therefore, the math is simple – the more views you’ve got, the higher in chart it will get, and the more it will be monetized. Luckily or unluckily, the things were easier at the outset of YouTube as the views would be calculated with no strict control over how many times the same user reloads the video to add up to the total count. Obviously, it caused YouTube a problem and could have made bad publicity, so the solution to cut down on such artful users, and in the long perspective, to eradicate the type as such was found. The invention of 300-views-boundary brought in vivid benefits as well as new rules.

Critical 300 Views Threshold

if_thinico-08_225670The only question that undoubtedly comes to your mind is: “But why 300?” And the answer is quite simple – everything is due to professional conclusions that video with under 300 views won’t affect YouTube’s top charts. What is more important, it won’t palm off fraudulently popular video on their precious viewers. After the video reaches the count of 300, things are getting more and more complicated. As YouTube security experts managed to come up with an effective measures to proof-fraud the view count. The first hurdle, which evil-doers face, is the 300 views threshold. At this point one may notice that the view count freezes. Just keep calm and wait patiently by the time the views are manually verified by YouTube specialists. Even if within this period your fabulous video creation was appreciated with a million views, they won’t go astray. Right after the check-up is over, you will continue to enjoy the sky-rocketed count figure. In case the success of 300 views was achieved unmeritedly, i.e. by means of a bot or malware for video reloading, and all the other crafty devices contrived to sham the view, such a video will be deleted.

What Comes After?

if_grey_new_seo-42_298306Looking on the bright side, let’s imagine your video overcomes the 300 boundary. So what does the future prepare for you? If you are a diligent and law-abiding YouTube user, there is a prospect of reaching popularity. Yet, if you intend to obtain the views illegally, be ready that your account may be banned and the video deleted. How is the check-up being performed or who does it? No one knows it. Logically, YouTube does not let in everybody on its secret to prevent potential adjusted malware or spambots from trespassing their system. The only thing we surely know is that it automatically deletes all dodgingly obtained views. The same applies to the views bought from the third parties. According to YouTube regulations, it is unlawful to purchase them and YouTube reserves for itself the right to erase such videos.

Fraudulent Views and Effect on Business

if_ransomware_632509 (1)YouTube is a prefect marketplace as well as the platform to promote your product or service. As a result, it couldn’t have gone unnoticed by all quick-witted businessmen. YouTube advertisement is not an exception. Being a large source of income, it also badly suffers from fake views. The standard rule is that they pay for every impression and click. Therefore, mildly speaking, the advertisement appearing before the fraudulent video is underrated and does not receive its fair share of potential viewers’ appreciation. For the advertising company that means money down the drain. Moreover, due to such a cause, the credibility of YouTube is hugely undermined.

The Price of Popularity

if_icon48-10_1358312Taking all these factors into account, the game is worth the candle in terms of YouTube fighting against fraudulent views. Having more and more offers from small and medium businesses that see enormous prospects of being advertised on YouTube, it is just obliged to take strict measures to eliminate various unpleasant factors that phase out potential as well as old customers. Brand-recognition is an invisible desired thing all the businesses strive for. Consequently, YouTube is a key that opens doors for them and assists in product promotion. Unquestioning fact, testifying to YouTube’s growing prestige, is that in 2013 vendors invested more into YouTube ads than into broadcast television.

Now you are an expert in why everyone wants to make a fortune at the expense of others, why YouTube has introduced so severe standards to follow, and why you shouldn’t break them. Eventually, slowly but steadily you will attain your goal of becoming famous and will just enjoy being in the limelight just like PSY with his Gangnam Style.

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  1. Artiom
    November 1, 2015 at 11:28 am

    Actually, it's absolutely unsurprising fact that the most of videos browsed on YouTube have fraudulent views. It's just enough to follow certain universal rules to promote this or that video. As for me, I don't really trust those videos which have a great amount of views. On the one hand there is a high possibility of falcification, on the other - the mass culture is really unreliable=)

    Reply »
  2. Ann
    October 31, 2015 at 11:15 pm

    I could not even imagine the system of counting views on YouTube. The only thing I know is that you will get much more money for a large number of views. Maria Way is my favorite beauty blogger, I learn this information from one video on her channel. It is logical to assume that if you have a lot of subscribers you will have more views.

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