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Best CodeIgniter Powered Websites | Projects Using CodeIgniter

Choosing the right technology for building web, mobile or desktop apps is one of the most important challenges for a successful software product development. We’ve gathered a list of popular websites and projects using CodeIgniter. You can test these applications, and in some cases even check out their open source code.​


Casio is one of the largest companies in the world producing watches, musical instruments, calculators and even projectors. The site of the company is made using the CodeIgniter framework. This framework allowe to create a wonderful site in less time.

  • URL: https://www.casio.com/


BitConnect is an open source software on the same bitocon platform and cryptobjects designed to provide a multitude of investment opportunities using crypto currency education where it is possible to find the independence we all desire in a community of like-minded people who love the freedom of people who are looking for the possibility of income stability in a very unstable world. The company site was created using the CodeIgniter framework. It allows qualitatively to expand the capabilities of Php.

  • URL: https://bitconnect.co/


Freedcamp is a web-based project management tool and an organization system for one or more users working with cloud computing. Freedcamp is provided free of charge for an unlimited number of users and projects. The site of the company is written on Php using the CodeIgniter framework. This powerful framework makes it possible to create so many interesting sites.

  • URL: https://freedcamp.com/


Nissan is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. They could not do without a website for sales. To develop the site, the language Php and the CodeIgniter framework were chosen, which is one of the leading frameworks in the world.

  • URL: https://www.choosenissan.com/


The goal of Archinect is to make architecture more connected and open, to unite designers from all over the world to present new ideas from all disciplines. But to implement such an idea, you need a website where the company will talk about itself. To implement this site, company choses CodeIgniter as very powerful and one of the most popular PHP frameworks.

  • URL: https://archinect.com/

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