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First-class Chrome Extension Coders, Developers for Hire in Ukraine

Chrome extensions are programs that are installed into Google Chrome for changing the functionality of the browser, which implies adding new features or modifying the existing behavior to individual needs or preferences. They are built using web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Chrome extensions offer a wide range of extra functionality such as blocking ads, optimizing memory usage to improve Chrome’s productivity, adding to-do lists or notes to Chrome, the password management, protecting the privacy and making web browsing more secure, and many others. It provides you with an ability to perform tasks easier or get more out of the websites. Chrome extensions can be installed from Google’s Chrome Web Store while some developers offer the direct downloads of their extension. The examples of Chrome extensions are LastPass: Free Password Manager, HTTPS Everywhere, The Great Suspender, Adblock Plus, CryptUp: Encrypt Gmail with PGP, and lots of others. An extension fulfills a single purpose, which is narrowly defined and understandable. One extension can include several components and a number of functions, and everything contributes to a common goal.

Chrome Extension Development Services

Chrome Extension Development Services in Ukraine

Looking for a Chrome Extension programmer for your project? You definitely came to the right club. “Echo” presents IT staffing services and project based programming. We pleasantly help you to get the appropriate dev or a team for remote cooperation. All our coders are accomplished specialists experienced in building custom-built software using the most recent techs, including CHROME EXTENSION, Flask, ABAP, Java EE, Sails.js, Salesforce, Phantomjs, STL, AWS, Arduino, LAMP. You can also select us as a Chrome Extension development company and delegate full-cycle development services to us.


  • Premium Ukrainian developers with more than 3 years of industry experience.
  • Employee retention leading practices to make sure your coders stay happy.
  • Personal account managers to assure smooth communication.
  • Transparent model with predictable bi-weekly invoicing.

We help you launch your projects by providing reliable Chrome Extension developers who can get involved in your team and promptly start delivering top-notch service. Reach out us and look over the profiles of candidates available for employment at the moment.

TOP5 Chrome Extension Programmers in April 2019

1 Oleksii U.,Age: 31, E-mail: ol*@gmail.com,
Skills: HTML/CSS, JS (jQuery), Chrome Extension, Telerik
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2 Vitaliy S.,Age: 28, E-mail: fo*@gmail.com,
Skills: C++, Bootstrap, Chrome Extension
Contact Us to Get the Full CV (ID 552955)

3 Piter P.,Age: 27, E-mail: pi*@gmail.com,
Skills: JS (jQuery), MySQL, Chrome Extension
Contact Us to Get the Full CV (ID 552954)

4 Alexander M.,Age: 25, E-mail: al*@gmail.com,
Skills: HTML/CSS, JS (jQuery), MS (ASP.NET MVC), Chrome Extension
Contact Us to Get the Full CV (ID 552952)

5 Andrii N.,Age: 32, E-mail: an*@gmail.com,
Skills: Java, MySQL, Chrome Extension
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The list of Chrome Extension coders is based on our applicant tracking system (ATS) data and refreshed day by day.

Questions and Answers related to Chrome Extension Development

How hard is it to build a simple Chrome extension?

“Not hard at all. The hardest part is merely wrapping your head around what exactly constitutes a Chrome extension. And, simply, that’s these files (usually) for a standard extension: a manifest file (named manifest.json), which contains meta-data about your extension. That is, its name, version, description, what icons it uses, etc.; a background script. This is merely an HTML file that continuously runs in the background…”

How much JavaScript/jQuery do I need to know in order to create Chrome extensions?

“As much as you want your extension to do. Creating the extension itself doesn’t need you to know JS at all. You can create a full working extension with one JS file contains only: 1. alert(“hello, world!”).
Just create a Manifest file (a json file telling the browser basic info about the extension), and refer to your JS file within it and that’s it…

Can I develop Chrome extensions using Bootstrap?

“Yes. For UI you can use bootstrap and for functionality as a language you can use JavaScript. And there are lot of terminology that you will come across while developing chrome extensions like content script, background script,etc. Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first web sites and it is completely free to download and use (open source)…”

How do I access the main webpage DOM from Chrome extension built with AngularJS?

“First way is by using content scripts to access the webpage DOM. Second way: after getting the DOM data, you can use message passing to send it to your background page, and send it to your api in the background. Never send request from the content scripts, user might close the page when sending data, also breaks user’s experience…”

Consider asking some of these questions during a job interview to assess candidate’s skills.

Massachusetts Mutual Life

Big Names Using Chrome Extension

What Fortune 500 companies are using Chrome Extension in production among other popular technologies? A good example is Massachusetts Mutual Life (www.massmutual.com).

Insurance and Financial Services – Live Mutual – MassMutual. MassMutual offers life insurance and protection products, retirement and investment services to help you meet your financial goals. Learn how we can help you.

Also, big brands use Neo4j, Firebase, TensorFlow, PrestaShop, Plone.

Typical Programming Projects and Tasks for Chrome Extension Developers

Develop A Chrome Extention That Completes Construction Take

Develop a chrome extention that completes extimation take offs. i would like it work similar to gound plan. See: https://groundplan.com 1. Upload you plan 2. measure on-screen 3. confirm you ... (Australia)

Custom Application To View Page Within A Sitemap

I would like either windows application or a browser extension that can display within a web page all the pages within our sitemap. Each page should display for 30 seconds (should be able to ... (Australia)

Chrome Macro For Automation Of Repetitive Tasks

As part my sales process, I connect with prospects on Linkedin. I need to automate this process. Each connection requests currently requires 6 manual clicks (starting in my sales tool to the linkedin ... (United States)

Privacy Expert To Build Browser

I would like to build a similar program to https://multilogin.com/ The purpose of the program is to allow user to create multiple accounts with different websites without being detected. This is ... (United Kingdom)

These results are based on the freelance Chrome Extension jobs extracted from Upwork in April 2019.

Echo is Trusted by the World’s Leading Companies

  • Chrome Extension consultants for Sky
  • Chrome Extension specialists for F1
  • Chrome Extension specialists for Microsoft
  • Chrome Extension experts for Tesco
  • Chrome Extension specialists for Powwownow

Visual Inspector is a Chrome extension for designers to make temporary edits on websites without coding. Web Developer Checklist. Web Developer Checklist is must-have extension that checks any web page for errors and violations of common best practices. Bootlint This Page The Complete Google Chrome Extensions Developer Course 3.8 The Complete Google Chrome Extensions Developer Course Identify problems that can be solved with Chrome Extensions. How to find and hire a programmer or developer to create the Chrome Extension for them. The Chrome Extension Overview backs up a bit, and fills in a lot of detail about the Extensions architecture in general, and some specific concepts developers will want to be familiar with. Learn about the options available for debugging Extensions in the debugging tutorial . Toptal is a marketplace for top Chrome Extension developers. Top companies and start-ups choose Toptal Chrome Extensions freelancers for their mission-critical software projects. Hire a top Chrome Extension developer now Hire a top Chrome Extension developer. No-Risk Trial, Pay Only If Satisfied. I did not want to hire a random coder I 14 of the best Google Chrome Extensions for developers 1. Usersnap. The Usersnap Chrome extension lets you capture and annotate any web page directly in your browser. It’s super-easy to provide visual feedback on prototypes or report bugs with this Chrome extension. Chrome APIs. Extensions APIs Extension APIs Apps APIs After reading the Getting Started tutorial and Overview, use this guide as an outline to extension components and abilities. Developers are encouraged to explore and expand extension functionality. Add features to Chrome Developer Tools. Content available under the CC-By 3.0 license. Extension files are zipped into a single .crx package that the user downloads and installs. This means extensions do not depend on content from the web, unlike ordinary web apps. Extensions are distributed through the Chrome Developer Dashboard and published to the Chrome Web Store.