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C# Conferences and Meetups You Should Attend In 2018

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C# Corner Annual Conference 2018

The C# Corner Annual Conference 2018 is a three-day annual event for software professionals and developers. All the three days are dedicated to extensive learning where the latest and future-oriented technologies are discussed and taught to the eager minds. Top industry professionals and experts take part in the event to interact with the attendees and present their thoughts and knowledge.

QCon New York 2018

Great speakers, and interesting topics. Great way to stay up with the latest and greatest trends in the industry. Topics focused on the Innovators and Early Adopters in software companies: Talks driving Innovation and Change, Patterns & Practices, not Products, Implementable Ideas.

NDC Oslo 2018

NDC Oslo 2018 will once again be held at Oslo Spektrum in the heart of Oslo. The conference will cover topics such as: NET Framework – Agile – C++ – Cloud – Database – Design – Devops – Embedded – Front-End Framework – Fun – Functional Programming – Gadgets – Internet of Things – Javascript – Microsoft – Misc Languages – Mobile – People – Programming Languages – Security – Techniques – Testing – Tools – UX – Web and more.

DevSum 2018

At DevSum the focus is the latest trends and technologies in development from speakers in various fields such as Web Development, Software Architecture, AI & Machine Learning, Programming languages, Cloud and People, teams & collaboration. In 2018, we will also offer sessions on Java.

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