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Top-notch C# Coders, Engineers for Hire in Ukraine

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Web Developers in Ukraine?

Our pricing is completely transparent: you pay your engineers’ salaries and a flat monthly fee for our services. No hidden charges.

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C# Development Services

C# Development Services in Ukraine

Need a C# coder for your application? You definitely came to the proper agency. “Echo Ukraine” offers IT staffing services and project based programming. We gladly help you to get the right dev or a team for remote development. All our coders are accomplished experts experienced in building tailor-made products using the most recent trends, including C SHARP, Gulp, PyQT, Numpy, GPS, Ember.js, JavaFX, MySQL, iBeacon, MSSQL, Flask. You can also hire us as a C# development company and outsource full-cycle development services to us.


  • Greatest Ukrainian coders with more than 5 years of commercial experience.
  • Staff retention leading methods to make sure your developers stay happy.
  • Experienced account managers to maintain effective communication.
  • Adjustable model with simple monthly payments.

We help you execute your projects by preparing reliable C# coders who can contribute to your side and promptly start delivering high-quality service. Contact us and take a look at the resumes of software engineers available for work right now.

TOP5 C# Programmers in February 2018

1 Pavlo T.,Age: 28, E-mail: ua*@gmail.com,
Skills: HTML/CSS, PHP (Wordpress), C, MS (C#), C++, SQL, Delphi, MySQL
Contact Us to Get the Full CV (ID 595760)

2 Iaroslav L.,Age: 29, E-mail: ya*@gmail.com,
Skills: HTML/CSS, PHP (Wordpress), MS (C#)
Contact Us to Get the Full CV (ID 590343)

3 Alexander K.,Age: 25, E-mail: al*@gmail.com,
Skills: HTML/CSS, Android, Java, MS (C#), C++, IOS
Contact Us to Get the Full CV (ID 572177)

4 Modest A.,Age: 24, E-mail: mo*@gmail.com,
Skills: Android, Java, MS (C#), C++, IOS, Scrum Master
Contact Us to Get the Full CV (ID 514378)

5 Ivan L.,Age: 29, E-mail: lo*@gmail.com,
Skills: Android, MS (C#), C++, IOS, Scrum Master
Contact Us to Get the Full CV (ID 571560)

The rating of C# coders is based on our applicant tracking system (ATS) data and updated day after day.

Questions and Answers related to C# Development

As a C# developer who used other languages, what makes C# unique besides LINQ and delegates?
“C# has nice syntax, and it’s pretty pleasant to work with. Delegates, for example, are just syntactic sugar for function pointers. Events, syntactic sugar for the Observer pattern, and so on. C# is pleasant to work with, and it runs fast enough for most tasks…”
How can I send data to a serial port in C#?
“Steps you need to follow to work with & send data via Serial Port. First you need to initializing the SerialPort instance with proper argument values and call Open method on it to start interacting with the port. Then you may call any of the overloaded methods named Write, or WriteLine to send data via the port. After finishing your job call the Close method on it.”
How useful are events and delegates in C# and for what can I use them?
“They are useful in few ways. Many new features of C# like LINQ are built on events and delegates. If you want to notify other classes in your system about something that happened in your class without calling their methods directly then without vents/delegates you’ll not be able to do it except some tricks/ugly ways. Anonymous delegates allows to simplify thread parameters passing/synchronization.”
Which database is better for a C# application, and why, SQLite, Postgres, or some another one?
“The programming language and the database are two separate entities and modulo having a reasonable database driver, they are orthogonal concerns. The most important consideration in choosing a language is the skills of the team. The most important consideration in choosing a database is workload that the database will run. That means having a solid understanding of the scenarios the data will power, the consistency and scaling requirements, the cost model, and then the derived data model…”

Consider asking some of these questions during a job interview to assess candidate’s skills.

Still not Convinced? Take a look at some of Our Clients

  • C# consultants for Powwownow
  • C# consultants for Tesco
  • C# specialists for Sky
  • C# experts for F1
  • C# programmers for Microsoft
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