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C++ Conferences and Tech Talks You Should Attend In 2018

C++ conferences and meetups continue to offer attendees the opportunity to learn new skills, discover recent trends, view the latest technologies. You get to enjoy networking with other professionals, meet new friends and contacts in the industry. Thus, we’ve compiled a curated list of the top C++ conferences and other related events around the world you should consider attending to broaden your horizons, update your skill set and build relationships with key developers, leading experts and decision makers.

CppCon 2018

CppCon is the annual, week-long face-to-face gathering for the entire C++ community. The conference is organized by the C++ community for the community. You will enjoy inspirational talks and a friendly atmosphere designed to help attendees learn from each other, meet interesting people, and generally have a stimulating experience. Taking place this year in the beautiful Seattle neighborhood of Bellevue and including multiple diverse tracks, the conference will appeal to anyone from C++ novices to experts.

  • When: September 23-29, 2018
  • Where: Bellevue, Washington, USA
  • URL: https://cppcon.org/

C++Now 2018

The C++Now 2018 Call For Submissions is open. We invite all members of the C++ community, including first time submitters, to submit session proposals to the 7th annual C++Now Conference: C++Now 2018 (Aspen CO, USA, May 6 – 11, 2018).

  • When: May 6 – 11, 2018
  • Where: Aspen CO, USA
  • URL: http://cppnow.org/

ACCU 2018

Historically, ACCU has a lot of C++ and C content, and is proud of that: ACCU is the foremost annual conference for people interested in C++ and C, at least in and around the UK. But it is not just a C++ and C conference, ACCU is about programming in whatever language people are using, with whatever tools and processes people are using: D, Chapel, Java, Kotlin, C#, F#, Groovy, Rust, Go, Python, Ruby, Lisp, to name just a few programming languages about which there have been sessions at ACCU conferences.

  • When: April 11-14, 2018
  • Where: Bristol, UK
  • URL: https://conference.accu.org/

Cpp Europe 2018

The conference is for anyone interested in learning more about C/C++, be it from speakers or peers. It’s also an environment where sharing experiences is highly encouraged. Whether you’re a senior developer, an architect, an expert, a consultant, or new to C/C++, you will find interesting sessions or conversations for you.

  • When: February 27, 2018
  • Where: Marshal Garden Hotel, Bucharest , Romania
  • URL: https://cppeurope.com/

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