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Best Woocommerce Books You Must Read

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1. Woocommerce User Manual for Beginners: Build your own ecommerce on WordPress (2017)

WooCommerce is a an e-commerce plugin (extension or add-on) for WordPress. Basically, it is an open-source platform offering the functionality of a full-fledged e-shop. The beauty of WooCommerce is in the possibility of connecting to any WordPress website or WordPress blog without having to use a special template. Example: A hairdresser writing a blog, taking photos of her hair styles while offering on the right side of her web site a few products. Our example is an e-shop with a few products. Thanks to the progress this industry has made so far, nowadays it is not a problem to sell 10 000 items. You may ask why should you read this book despite of plenty of guides offered by various web sites? It is because this book includes a full description of administration – a traditional user guide, tutorial for beginners. I will guide you from the installation over the complete configuration and insertion of products to a variety of tips to extend of your e-shop by additional plugins. The goal of the book is to help a novice build his or her own e-shop. What we offer is a comprehensive 101-page user guide for beginners, in which you will find answers to all essential questions enabling you to build your own e-shop.

Author(s): Michal Bradek

2. Building E-Commerce Solutions with WooCommerce – Second Edition (2015)

Key Features

  • Offers do-it-yourself e-commerce solution using WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Discover the new Onboarding wizard that makes complex processes user-friendly
  • Manage your online store and expand its functions using plugins

Book Description

Building an online store is often considered to be a difficult, complex task. Using the combination of WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin, this is no longer the case. WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform for WordPress and is being rapidly developed by WooThemes. It provides a strong e-commerce solution to set up your own online store in just a couple of hours.

This easy and practical book will help you make the most of WooCommerce to be able to set up and run your online store yourself. Installing WooCommerce is an easy task, but this book will explain in detail all the possible settings. After that you’ll be adding products, different payment methods, and shipping solutions to your store. You will then customize your store by adding themes to change the look and feel. Once your store is running, you’ll learn how to use discount coupons, process your orders, look at reports, and even expand the functionality further with additional plugins.

By the end of the book, you will learn everything you need to add a fully functional online store to you WordPress website and start running an online business.

What you will learn

  • Use WooCommerce settings to set up the behavior of the online store
  • Get familiar with the downloadable and variable products
  • Set up shipping and payment methods
  • Use discount coupons for marketing purposes
  • Choose the right WooCommerce theme for your online store
  • Customize your website using the Storefront theme as a base
  • Handle orders, payments, and emails on a daily basis with ease
  • Work with WooCommerce reporting possibilities
  • Expanding your online store with the functionalities offered by WooCommerce

About the Author

Robbert Ravensbergen is an experienced e-commerce and IT manager. He has been working in several international roles for various companies. He’s also a passionate writer and blogger. WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento are the topics that he writes about.

Robbert released several books about Magento and WooCommerce for Packt Publishing during the last couple of years. Besides this, he’s an important writer in the Netherlands and well known for his understandable books for beginners about WordPress.

Readers can reach Robbert on his personal blog at http://www.joomblocks.com.

Table of Contents

  1. Setting Up WooCommerce
  2. Creating Your First Products
  3. Using Downloadable Products and Variations
  4. Payments, Shipping, and Coupons
  5. Working with WooCommerce Themes
  6. Customizing a WooCommerce Theme
  7. Running Your Online Store
  8. More Possibilities Using Plugins

Author(s): Robbert Ravensbergen

3. WooCommerce Explained: Your Step-by-Step Guide to WooCommerce (2017)

NOTE: THIS BOOK IS IN BETA FORM. This version is the author’s non-polished, raw and not completely edited version of this book. Polished version will be available February 2018.

  • Plain English and step-by-step instruction: Learn WooCommerce by following plain English, clear visuals and enjoyable step-by-step instructions.
  • Hands-on learning: Master WooCommerce by building a complete WooCommerce site.
  • Book Description
    WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform on the web and is capable of selling anything, whether it’s physical products, digital products or services. If you want to spend less time struggling with complex instructions, and more time building sites that make you proud, this is the book for you!

    The OSTraining team has taught thousands of beginners – and thousands more who’ve experimented with WooCommerce but haven’t mastered it yet. Nobody knows more about guiding WooCommerce users up the learning curve – from confusion to results!

    The OSTraining team makes learning fun. Like their online training, you learn by following enjoyable, step-by-step instructions. OSTraining books are written in plain English and are supported by plenty of online documentation and videos.

    WooCommerce Explained requires absolutely no experience with WooCommerce, content management, website construction, programming, scripting, or even HTML. Please note: This book is 100% aimed at WooCommerce beginners.

    About the Authors
    Patrick Rauland is obsessed with WooCommerce. He’s used it as a customer, worked for WooCommerce support, developed core functionality, led three releases, and helped plan their yearly conference. He now helps people by writing on his blog, his courses, and books, like this one. Patrick lives in Denver Colorado, where you can probably find him at a local coffee shop typing away.

    Stephen Burge has split his career between teaching and web development. He now runs OSTraining.com, which specializes in teaching website development. OSTraining.com’s clients include Apple, Pfizer, and the U.S. Departments of Energy, Education, and Commerce.

    Burge’s books are some of the world’s best-selling guides to the software they cover. Other books by Burge include:

    • Joomla Explained (Addison – Wesley, 2011)
    • Drupal 7 Explained (Addison – Wesley, 2013)
    • Joomla 3 Explained (Addison – Wesley, 2014)
    • MySQL Explained (OSTraining, 2015)
    • Drupal 7 Explained (OSTraining, 2017)
    • Drupal 8 Explained (OSTraining, 2017)
    • Joomla 3 Explained (OSTraining, 2017)
    • Multilingual Joomla Explained (OSTraining, 2017)
    • Magento 2 Explained (OSTraining, 2017)
    • WordPress Explained (OSTraining, 2017)

    Author(s): Patrick Rauland, Stephen Burge

    4. Professional WordPress: Design and Development (2015)

    The highest rated WordPress development and design book on the market is back with an all new third edition.

    Professional WordPress is the only WordPress book targeted to developers, with advanced content that exploits the full functionality of the most popular CMS in the world. Fully updated to align with WordPress 4.1, this edition has updated examples with all new screenshots, and full exploration of additional tasks made possible by the latest tools and features. You will gain insight into real projects that currently use WordPress as an application framework, as well as the basic usage and functionality of the system from a developer’s perspective. The book’s key features include detailed information and real-world examples that illustrate the concepts and techniques at work, plus code downloads and examples accessible through the companion website. Written by practicing WordPress developers, the content of this edition focuses on real world application of WordPress concepts that extend beyond the current WordPress version.

    WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing, and has grown to be the largest self-hosted website platform in the world. This book helps you use WordPress efficiently, effectively, and professionally, with new ideas and expert perspectives on full system exploitation.

    • Get up to speed on the new features in WordPress 4.1
    • Learn cutting edge uses of WordPress, including real-world projects
    • Discover how to migrate existing websites to WordPress
    • Understand current best practices and tools in WordPress development

    WordPress was born out of a desire for an elegant, well-architected personal publishing system built on PHP and MySQL, and has evolved to be used as a full content management system through thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes. Professional WordPress is the essential developer’s guide to this multifunctional system.

    Author(s): Brad Williams, David Damstra

    5. A Step-by-Step Visual Guide to WooCommerce (2014)

    Do you need help setting up and monitoring your WooCommerce eStore?

    Step-by-Step Visual Guide to WooCommerce E-Commerce / Internet Marketing) is a quick guide to using your WooCommerce store WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin designed to help businesses sell their products to customers. With WooCommerce, your customers can order items quickly and efficiently. WooCommerce lets website owners operating their stores add new products, edit existing products, and mange customer orders without difficulty. With WooCommerce, you can even sell variations of products. WooCommerce allows you to run sales reports, manage tax and shipping. With this book, you will be able to manage your products, coupons, and orders through WooCommerce. With WooCommerce, you can even sell variations of products. WooCommerce can also show sales reports, allow you to manage tax and shipping. With this book, you will be able to manage your products, coupons, and orders through WooCommerce. Ways this Book can help your store

  • Manage Products
  • Manage Coupons
  • Manage Reports
  • Scroll up and grab your copy today!

    Author(s): Mandy Oviatt, Lyle Dillie

    6. WooCommerce Cookbook (2015)

    Create, design, and manage your own personalized online store with WooCommerce, the fastest growing e-commerce platform

    About This Book

    • Get your online store up and running in no time
    • Dozens of simple recipes to setup and manage your store
    • Easy to understand code samples that can help you customize every tiny detail and take your store to the next level

    Who This Book Is For

    If you have ever built or managed a WordPress site and want to add e-commerce functionality into your site, WooCommerce and this book are perfect for you. Learning how to use WooCommerce through this series of recipes will give you a solid platform to add any future e-commerce needs.

    What You Will Learn

    • Install WooCommerce and get it up and running
    • Configure your products no matter how complex they are
    • Customize the look and feel of your WooCommerce store
    • Learn to put all of your extra code in a plugin
    • Measure your conversion rate by integrating with Google Analytics
    • Add customers to your newsletters automatically so that you can keep in touch with them
    • Use the WooCommerce dashboard to manage your orders

    In Detail

    Explore the different ways an e-commerce store can be configured and select the best settings for your store, using this practical guide. We begin by introducing dozens of step-by-step recipes to configure all of the basic settings you need to open your store. You will then go into the different ways you can create products. You can then remove unnecessary elements or add extra elements to help people navigate your store. Next you’ll set up shipping methods and automatically get live quotes. Finally, you’ll learn how to set up different payment methods and customize the checkout.

    Whether you’re planning on building a WooCommerce site for yourself of for someone else you can give yourself a 10-hour headstart by reading through this book.

    Author(s): Patrick Rauland

    7. How to create an Online Store using WooCommerce and WordPress: Simple Guide to the Perfect Setting up an e-commerce website (2017)

    2 Edition: New Guides on WooCommerce functionality. This book comes from my experience with WordPress and continuous use of WooCommerce. Currently it is increasingly demand the ability to create a personal website able to sell products in simple and practical ways. This guide was born for this, namely to allow even those who are not expert coding, to sell their products, physical or digital, in a short time and totally free. In my personal website: www.rpcreative.net I currently use WooCommerce and publish articles for those who want to give a sprint more to their creativity. The ebook in question takes precisely posts in this category and encloses them within a portable ebook always available.

    Author(s): Riccardo Andronaco

    8. WooCommerce tutorial- How to Set it up on Your Website? (2017)

    Create the online store you want with the core set of powerful features and options that come straight out of the box with the free WooCommerce plugin. –> Built for WordPress –> Sell anything, anywhere –> Mobile friendly –> Scalability –> Own your data –> Secure code –> Open source

    Author(s): Sunny Chanday

    9. Building E-Commerce Solutions with WooCommerce (2013)

    The WooCommerce plugin for WordPress is probably the world’s simplest way to build an online store, and this brilliant tutorial makes it easier still. Use your existing knowledge of PHP and WordPress to get selling, fast.


    • Explore this do-it-yourself e-commerce solution using WordPress and WooCommerce
    • Set up payment and shipping methods
    • Manage your online store and expand its functions using plugins

    In Detail

    Building an online store is often considered to be a difficult and complex task. Using the combination of WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin, this is no longer the case. WooCommerce is built using WordPress best practices both on the frontend and the backend. This results in an efficient, robust, and intuitive plugin. Learn to use this strong e-commerce solution and set up your own web shop in just a couple of hours.

    Building E-Commerce Solutions with WooCommerce is a practical guide that delivers the knowledge you require to set up and get going with WooCommerce. This book also shows you how to choose a WooCommerce theme and set up different payment methods, in addition to helping you to keep a bird’s-eye view of incoming sales and reviews, stock levels, general store performance, and statistics from the WordPress dashboard.

    You will start by installing WooCommerce and exploring the WooCommerce settings. Then, you will move on to creating and adding simple and complex products, and also set up payment and shipping methods. Once your store is up and running, you will learn how to process your orders, look at the reports, and even expand the functionality further with additional plugins. Finally, the book shows you how to choose a WooCommerce theme and adjust the theme settings.

    What you will learn from this book

    • Set up and install WooCommerce and apply taxes
    • Change a WooCommerce theme or create one from scratch
    • Process your sales order
    • Expand your store with plugins
    • Create a downloadable product and work with product variations


    Building E-Commerce Solutions with WooCommerce is a step-by-step tutorial with informal but informative tone.

    Who this book is written for

    This book is written for users with an existing WordPress website who want to add e- commerce functionality to their current solution. This book is also suitable for web design agencies working with WordPress. As a pre-requisite, it is assumed that you already have some experience of PHP and using WordPress.

    Author(s): Robbert Ravensbergen

    10. Tu tienda online con WordPress y Amazon: Guia práctica paso a paso para crear una tienda virtual y empezar a ganar dinero vendiendo productos de Amazon (Spanish Edition) (2015)

    Tu tienda on line con WordPress y Amazon te muestra paso a paso la forma más fácil de hacer una tienda virtual con el mejor programa del mundo para vender productos en internet: WooCommerce. El plugin de WordPress. En menos de 24 horas podrás tener tu tienda on line abierta al mundo sin inversión ni riesgo utilizando Amazon como pasarela de pago. Tanto si quieres vender tus propios productos o servicios como si quieres generar ingresos pasivos a través del marketing de afiliación, esta guía te enseña:

    • Cómo probar por ti mismo los distintos módulos de WooCommerce a coste cero, es decir sin contratar hosting ni dominio.
    • Donde encontrar las mejores plantillas para que el diseño de la tienda sea atractivo y funcional
    • Añadir funcionalidades extra gracias a los mejores plugins o extensiones disponibles para WooCommerce
    • Lo que debes saber sobre pasarelas de pago y formas de envío
    • Cómo encontrar ideas de negocio o nichos de mercado para vender inspirándote en páginas web de éxito americanas
    • Cómo ganar dinero con el programa de afiliados de Amazon. El más utilizado y el que más ratio de conversión tiene

    No es necesario que tengas conocimientos técnicos ni informáticos. En pocos minutos aprenderás a configurar un plugin que incorpora a tu eCommerce los productos más valorados y vendidos de Amazon. Una extensión que sincroniza de forma automática las imágenes, características y precios de los productos. Amazon pone a tu disposición un catálogo con más de 44 millones de productos físicos y 31 millones de productos digitales, por lo tanto podrás encontrar cualquier producto que pueda interesar al público al que te quieras dirigir.  

    Author(s): Marta Fedriani

    11. Marketing de afiliados (Spanish Edition) (2016)

    ¿Es posible hacer del ocio  tu profesión?

    ¿Qué harías con tu tiempo si no hubiera ningún condicionante económico?

    Marta Fedriani, ofrece una completa guía para ganar dinero por Internet con el Marketing de afiliados. Se trata de una publicación con la que aprenderás a hacer de tu pasión un negocio rentable En sus más de 200 páginas la autora ofrece recursos, ideas y herramientas para monetizar un blog y generar ingresos desde cualquier lugar del mundo. Incluye entrevistas y testimonios reveladores de jóvenes emprendedores que un día decidieron crear su propio empleo y alcanzaron la libertad financiera. Nos cuentan cómo lo han hecho, los mejores trucos y estrategias que les han llevado a alcanzar unos excelentes resultados combinando la creación de info-productos con la recomendaciones a través de afiliados. La segunda parte del libro “Tu tienda online con Wordpsress y Amazon”, te muestra paso a paso cómo crear un eCommerce con Wocommerce y aporta ideas para dar a conocer y vender tus productos y los de terceros ayudándote con las memores técnicas y herramientas del marketing online. Se trata de una guía práctica paso a paso para ayudarte a crear una tienda virtual en poco tiempo y como complemento ofrece la posibilidad de configurar un plugin en tan sólo unos minutos para empezar a vender productos de Amazon y convertir este aprendizaje en una experiencia viva.  

    Author(s): Marta Fedriani

    12. E-Commerce con WordPress e Woocommerce. (2015)

    E-Commerce con WordPress e Woocommerce. [Di Bello Bonaventura.] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

    Author(s): Di Bello Bonaventura.