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Best Sitecore Books to Master the Technology

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1. Professional Sitecore 8 Development: A Complete Guide to Solutions and Best Practices (2016)

Structure templates and content within Sitecore, work with integrated tools, and leverage its extensive automation capabilities. Sitecore was recently recognized as one of the most reputable and reliable, enterprise-class web content management solutions (WCMS) available in the marketplace. Thousands of companies are using Sitecore to manage their digital experiences online.

Because Sitecore is such a large, complex platform, developers often have a hard time coming up to speed, even after completing a Sitecore training course for developers. However, leveraging the design patterns and other practices laid out in this book will make that transition much easier.

Professional Sitecore 8 Development provides a soup-to-nuts approach for a Sitecore rookie to come up to speed quickly, as well as provide more advanced techniques for seasoned veterans that they may not be exposed to otherwise. Key coverage areas include:

  • Getting started with Sitecore development
  • Front-end development techniques
  • Incorporating design patterns into your Sitecore solutions
  • Unit testing Sitecore applications

  • Programming Sitecore’s marketing capabilities
  • Sitecore automation with PowerShell
  • Advanced development techniques

What you’ll learn

  • Develop solutions on the Sitecore platform
  • Come up to speed on Sitecore without going through a training class
  • Build front-end (HTML, CSS, Angular, etc.) solutions as well as back-end (C#) solutions on Sitecore
  • Incorporate design patterns into your Sitecore solutions
  • Make use of advanced Sitecore development techniques
  • Who This Book Is For

    The book is a developer’s companion, both front end and back end developers. The target audience is both developers who have zero Sitecore experience, as well as seasoned veterans looking for advanced best practices. A secondary audience would be Sitecore administrators who would benefit from discussions around performance tuning and security.

Author(s): Phil Wicklund, Jason Wilkerson

2. Practical Sitecore 8 Configuration and Strategy: A User Guide for Sitecore’s Content and Marketing Capabilities (2016)

Sitecore was recently recognized as one of the most reputable/reliable web content management solutions (WCMS) in the marketplace. Thousands of companies use Sitecore to help manage their web and mobile digital properties. Sitecore is a very large, complex platform that performs many robust functions and capabilities.

As such, marketers and end users often have a hard time coming up to speed on the technology. Practical Sitecore 8 Configuration and Strategy: A User Guide for Sitecore’s Content and Marketing Capabilities provides that opportunity. The flow of the book will take newbies step-by-step on how to configure Sitecore content, personalization, and marketing automation capabilities. Sprinkled in through the book will be callouts that highlight strategies and best practices―taking the book beyond just the “how to” step-by-step procedures that can be found elsewhere. Practical Sitecore 8 Configuration and Strategy:

  • Brings you up to speed on Sitecore without requiring a training class.
  • Provides the information in a clear, logical outline that takes users from simple, foundational concepts to more advanced concepts at the end.
  • Rounds out existing sources of documentation with strategies and best practices from real-world experience.
What You’ll Learn

  • How to manage content in Sitecore
  • How to create web forms and landing pages
  • How to optimize the site through personalization and A/B/N testing
  • How to use Sitecore for your marketing campaigns
  • How to leverage analytics for custom measurement/engagement strategies
  • How to create a robust governance plan for your Sitecore properties
Who This Book Is For

The key target audience for this book are content administrators (content authoring, forms development, etc.) and digital marketers (campaigns, analytics, marketing automation, experience optimization, etc.) using the Sitecore platform.       

Author(s): Phillip Wicklund

3. Sitecore Cookbook for Developers (2016)

Over 70 incredibly effective and practical recipes to get you up and running with Sitecore development

About This Book

  • Build enterprise-level rich websites quickly and deliver the best possible content management to your website
  • Get maximum usage of functionalities like different user interfaces, workflow, publishing, search, analytics, etc and learn different rendering techniques using presentation components for data bindings, events, handlers, schedulers, media, etc.
  • Add a surprising amount of functionality just by customizing the Sitecore architecture through the best practices contained in this book

Who This Book Is For
If you are a Sitecore developer or a programmer who wants to expand your Sitecore development skills, this book is ideal for you. You will need working knowledge of ASP.NET WebForms or MVC, as well as HTML, and a basic knowledge of Sitecore installation.

What You Will Learn

  • Create, access, and personalize your website content using different Sitecore presentation components
  • Learn how to extend the presentation components to fulfill some real-life requiremnts such as improving the site's performance, generating Rss feeds and so on
  • Work with multiple websites on a single Sitecore instance and create multilingual websites
  • Customize the Sitecore interfaces as per your business requirements to provide easier and error-free user interface to content authors to save time and improve accuracy
  • Customize the Sitecore backend architecture as per your business needs
  • Automate tasks and achieve scalability by altering the development and configuration settings
  • Integrate external systems with Sitecore to import or export content and secure user interactions
  • Integrate the advanced features of analytics and personalization, to get the best possible customer experience and generate its reports

In Detail
This book will get you started on building rich websites, and customizing user interfaces by creating content management applications quickly. It will give you an insight into web designs and how to customize the Sitecore architecture as per your website's requirements using best practices.

Packed with over 70 recipes to help you achieve and solve real-world common tasks, requirements, and the problems of content management, content delivery, and publishing instance environments. It also presents recipes on Sitecore's backend processes of customizing pipelines, creating custom event handler and media handler, setting hooks and more. Other topics covered include creating a workflow action, publishing sublayouts and media files, securing your environment by customizing user profiles and access rights, boosting search capabilities, optimising performance, scalability and high-availability of Sitecore instances and much more.
By the end of this book, you will have be able to add virtually limitless features to your websites by developing and maintaining Sitecore efficiently.

Style and approach
This easy-to-follow guide is full of hands-on recipes on real-world development tasks to improve your existing Sitecore system. Each topic is presented with its benefits and detailed steps to achieve it through well-explained code and images.

Author(s): Yogesh Patel

4. The Little Book of Sitecore® Tips: Volume 1 (2017)

The main purpose of this book is a light-hearted look at some useful Sitecore tips (current version is 8.2 rev. 170728 Update-5).

These tips are targeted at all levels of user but whether you’re recapping or learning, you should find something useful, or at the very least… entertaining.

Author(s): Neil P Shack

5. Professional Sitecore Development (Wrox) (2012)

Professional sitecore development offers comprehensive information for programmers learning the cms and experienced sitecore developers alike. This guidance can help your organization minimize implementation cost and time to web, increasing revenue while decreasing it costs. With this book, you will learn how to implement solutions with sitecore, how the sitecore architecture enhances the asp.net development process, how to use sitecore’s extensive application programming interfaces, and how to deploy the website.

Author(s): John West

6. Sitecore (2016 Edition): Questions and Answers by George A Duckett (2016-05-03) (1641)

Sitecore (2016 Edition): Questions and Answers by George A Duckett (2016-05-03) on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.


7. Professional Sitecore Development by John West (22-May-2012) Paperback (1600)

Professional Sitecore Development by John West (22-May-2012) Paperback on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.


8. Professional Sitecore Development by John West (2012-05-29) (1769)

Professional Sitecore Development by John West (2012-05-29) [John West] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Author(s): John West