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Best Books to Help You Learn Shopify

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1. Shopify: The ultimate Shopify user guide, simplifying Shopify and helping you to make money with your own Shopify ecommerce store! (2017)


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This book serves as a beginner’s guide to Shopify and E-commerce, and will teach you all about how to use the Shopify platform to create a great online business.

With tons of expert advice and ongoing technical support, Shopify makes it easy for even the most computer illiterate to create their own online store.
Inside this book, you will learn about the different Shopify membership options, how to set up your domain name, choose a theme, use the Shopify apps, and process payments.

With the help of this book, within a couple of short hours your very own Shopify web-store can be up and running! At the completion of this book you will have a good understanding of how to navigate Shopify, and be ready to use it for all of your online business needs.

Here Is What’s Included…

  • What Is Shopify
  • The Different Shopify Plans
  • The Main Features Of Shopify
  • Setting Up Your Domain & Email
  • Themes
  • Applications
  • Taking Payments
  • Much, Much More!

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Author(s): Craig Newport

2. Shopify: How To Make Money Online & Build Your Own $100’000+ Shopify Online Business, Ecommerce, E-Commerce, Dropshipping, Passive Income (2017)


Grab this GREAT physical book now at a limited time discounted price!

This book covers the topic of Shopify and discusses its origins, impact on the e-commerce industry, and how it has carved its place in the overall online consumer market. This book will teach you the basics of Shopify and how you can be an online entrepreneur making use of this platform.
With e-commerce evolving at a rapid pace, and the global consumer market adapting to online shopping trends faster than anyone expected, Shopify is right at the crux of the movement, providing online retailers and entrepreneurs with an all-in-one solution for their digital business needs. If you have heard about Shopify and would like to know more, or you are interested in becoming a Shopify store owner yourself, this e-book is for you. Whether you already have an offline business and want to incorporate or transition to e-commerce, or this is your first foray into the exciting world of digital retail, Shopify has solutions that will work towards your advantage.
At the completion of this book you will have a good understanding of the advantages of Shopify for online business, and be able to identify how Shopify can help you achieve your online entrepreneurship goals.

Here Is What You’ll Learn About…

  • E-commerce Is The Consumer Future
  • The Rise Of Shopify
  • Advantages Of Shopify
  • How To Sign Up For Shopify
  • Shopify’s Pricing Plans
  • Shopify’s Pricing Plans
  • Much, much more!

Order your copy of this fantastic book today!

Author(s): Anthony Parker

3. Ecommerce Evolved: The Essential Playbook To Build, Grow & Scale A Successful Ecommerce Business (2016)

As whole, the ecommerce industry is ANTIQUATED. It’s out of date! and is way way way behind in terms of what’s actually working in the world of online business.

Most ecommerce business owners are still doing things in the same way they were done back in the early dot com days. And that my friend is a recipe for disaster.

There is SO much more to ecommerce than building a store, filling it with products and driving some traffic.

If that describes you and your business, then let this be your wake up call!

There is a transformative shift happening in the ecommerce industry right now.

What worked before is either no longer an option or is rapidly losing its effectiveness.

It’s time for you as an ecommerce entrepreneur to evolve your brand, your business and your brain.

THIS BOOK, Is the playbook for capitalizing on this evolution.

Ecommerce Evolved contains a simple, repeatable and proven formula to help you build, grow and scale a wildly profitable ecommerce business in today’s competitive market.

You will find Zero Theory inside this book. Tanner Larsson has distilled years of research & practical in-the-trenches ecommerce experience into a hard hitting ecommerce blueprint.

The book is broken up into 4 distinct parts and each part is then broken down into a number of focused chapters.

  • The book kicks off with the 12 Principles of Ecommerce that have been developed after working with over 10,000 different businesses. These 12 principles…of which we can almost guarantee you are violating over half of…are what differentiate the thriving ecommerce businesses from the mediocre ones.

  • Part 1 which is called Evolved Strategy and is where we pull back the curtain, take you behind the scenes, and show you how 7, 8 and 9 figure ecommerce businesses really work.
  • Part 2 is called Evolved Intelligence and deals with the most underutilized aspect of most ecommerce businesses…your Data.
  • Part 3 is called Evolved Marketing. In this section you will learn how to leverage the your business’s structure and data to build create systematic and highly automated marketing campaigns for both the front end and back end of your business that produce massive return on investment.

Ecommerce Evolved takes you through the exact same processes I take my high level clients through as we restructure their businesses for maximum growth, profitability and most importantly longevity.

As an added benefit… Ecommerce evolved is also the key that will unlock access to my private ecommerce community.

This is an up till now secret group of ecommerce professionals where we talk shop, strategize and grow our businesses through the collective genius of the group.

This book is literally the step-by-step blueprint to building a successful and highly profitable ecommerce business and the private community is the support group that will help you along the way.

Author(s): Tanner Larsson

4. Shopify: Step by Step Guide on How to Make money Selling on Shopify (2017)

Shopify: Step by Step Guide on How to Make Money Selling on Shopify offers practical, first-hand knowledge on how to prepare yourself for running an ecommerce business, how to setup your online store, and how to take advantage of technology in order to succeed.

It doesn’t take a computer guru to be successful with an online business anymore. With Shopify and the willingness to learn, almost anybody can succeed in ecommerce these days.

Do you want to take your financial future into your own hands with a limited amount of upfront capital? Are you willing to put in a lot of hard work?  With help, you can make smart decisions along the way. It doesn’t take thousands of dollars to get started; it just takes a smart approach.

With this book, you’ll learn:

  • How to conduct important market research and product research to ensure that your efforts are spent on viable products and within viable niches.
  • How to source products to sell in your ecommerce store, including wholesalers, private label, and dropshipping suppliers.
  • How to setup your ecommerce store through Shopify, and how to best customize it to fit your target demographic. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create an attractive online store!
  • How to implement search engine optimization tips and tricks in blogs, product descriptions, and all your content in order to improve your overall visibility.
  • How to start relationships with wholesalers, dropshippers, and other people within your industry in order to grow and remain relevant.
  • How to integrate dropshipping into your ecommerce business in order to scale it to huge levels without the fuss of hiring a lot of employees or working yourself to the bone.
  • How to notice trends within your niche and take advantage of the holiday shopping season to increase your earnings.
  • And much more!

With the head start afforded to you through this practical advice, you will be able to avoid common blunders and excel in ways that are often completely lost on first-time entrepreneurs. Take charge of your life today, become your own boss, and begin the journey that will set you free from the day job you no longer love.

Author(s): Matthew Scott

5. The Ultimate Guide to Shopify: Learn How to Start, Manage, and Grow Your Own Store (2018)

Learn how to create, manage, and successfully grow a Shopify Drop shipping store step by step. Learn how to do market research, increase your conversion rate, set up a visually appealing online store, source products, and setup multiple platforms for your store. Find out how to market on the most powerful and versatile social media platform with our in depth guide. Everything you need to know about the popular drop shipping platform and more. Learn how to make hundreds, or even thousands of extra dollars a month running your own drop shipping store online.

Author(s): Grey Grenovitch

6. Shopify: How To Create Your Online Empire!- E-commerce, Dropshipping and Making Money Online (2016)

Do You To Make An Extra 5k to 10k A Month? Do you want complete control your business? Do you want to grow on your own platform? Do you want to make money online? When you read Shopify: How To Create Your Online Empire! E-Commerce, Drop Shipping and Making Money Online, your skill set of making money online will improve steadily each day! You will discover everything you need to know about shopify. This comprehensive guide will teach you how make your own store on shopify and make money online. You’ll be proud to see your bank account and empire grow massively!

Author(s): Greg Addison

7. Selling on Shopify: How to Create an Online Store & Profitable eCommerce Busines (2014)

How to Create an Online Store & Profitable Ecommerce Business with Shopify

ATTENTION Business Owners & Entrepreneurs! Learn how to set up a profitable, online store with Shopify with Step-by-Step Instruction

…one that the “professionals” would charge you thousands of dollars for. Whether you already have a retail business, have products ready to sell, or are looking for a business model that you can run anywhere, this book will walk you through how to use Shopify and develop an online business where you can start profiting almost immediately! You can build a world class online store without ZERO programming skills with Shopify – letting you focus on your business.

Don’t Let Another Excuse Get In The Way Of You Building The Online Store You’ve Always Wanted

Shopify is the best online store building solution…period. You will be able to create an online store that rivals those of the biggest online retailers today. In this book, you will be guided through:

  • Why Shopify is the best online store builder for you
  • How to design & set up your Shopify store in under 60 minutes
  • How to set up and navigate all of your store’s administrative tasks like shipping, taxes, and payment processing
  • How to optimize your Shopify store to attract new customers and increase sale conversions

…BONUS Chapters – Profitable Business Models You Can Operate with Shopify (without having inventory) & Marketing Methods that will Increase Your Sales by 200-300%

Scroll UP and “Add to Cart” Now & Start Your Store Today

Author(s): Brian Patrick

8. Shopify: How to Build a Successful Ecommerce Business (2017)

Shopify: How to Build a Successful Ecommerce Business
Shopify: How to Build a Success Ecommerce Business outlines the many aspects of putting together an online store and leveraging many services to help improve the amount of sales and profit you. Given the tools and information to build a new business may not be enough to make you successful on its own, but it gives you an advantage over starting the process completely blindly. With some hard work and dedication, financial freedom and leaving the grind of a “regular job” is becoming more and more possible thanks to Shopify and other services.
With the rise of online shopping, the high-level of investment and competition involved in brick-and-mortar store is becoming a worry of the past for small business entrepreneurs. The entire world is your market, and there’s room for you to earn a great living providing customers with excellent products.

Guidance Includes:

  • How to conduct market research for products and niche ideas
  • How to open your own dedicated niche store through Shopify, and how to turn your Shopify store into an attractive website that draws in traffic
  • How to raise some capital to help get your new business off the ground the right way
  • How to find suppliers and source products for dropshipping, wholesale, private label, retail arbitrage, and other methods How to market your business
  • Shipping solutions, including streamlining the process with fulfillment services
  • Integrating your Shopify store and products into Amazon for additional sales in the world’s leading marketplace
  • Using Oberlo to setup a dropshipping store that requires almost no investment
  • How to hire help without hiring a full-time employee to streamline the Shopify and ecommerce process, making it possible to free up your time to enjoy your profits or continue working on the business in other ways

Taking the leap into running your own business isn’t as scary as it used to be. There have been thousands upon thousands of success stories, and if you are willing to put in the work, you can become one of those stories that inspire others to take their financial situation into their own hands. You may not quit your day job the same week your new business opens, but with the help of Shopify and the many services that can be integrated into this platform, this path has helped many people realize the freedom they craved after years of working under someone else. Are you ready to be your own boss?

Author(s): Matthew Scott

9. Shopify: Beginner to Pro Guide – The Comprehensive Guide: (Shopify, Shopify Pro, Shopify Store, Shopify Dropshipping, Shopify Beginners Guide) (2016)

Use this proven step by step plan to build a profitable online store with Shopify!

When it comes time to head to work in the morning do you wish you could do something more than grind out your daily 9-5 soul destroying job and take control of your own life? If you have ever dreamed of working from home or anywhere in the world that you desire and running your own online store, then there has never been a better time to stop dreaming and start acting. Shopify: Beginner to Pro Guide – The Comprehensive Guide can show you how to get started today. Shopify is what is known as a complete ecommerce solution for business that are looking to sell their products online which means you can get started building an online business today for absolutely no money down. The site will allow you to create a personalized online store, sell any products that you like and also accept payments from debit and credit cards while also tracking orders and providing customer service. Inside you will find a step by step guide to everything you need to choose a niche, choose a product, find a way to buy the product cheap, set up your site, market your site and grow your site on into the future. This book contains: • The four things you need to consider to find the perfect product to sell • The easiest way to start selling products without actually owning any products to sell • The secret to creating a memorable logo • All the best ways to build your brand on the cheap • And more… What are you waiting for? Do your dreams a favor and buy this book today! Tags: Shopify, Shopify Pro, Shopify Store, Shopify Dropshipping, Shopify Beginners Guide

Author(s): Timothy Short

10. Shopify: 10 Proven Steps to Make Money Online with Shopify (Ecommerce) (2017)

Do you want to sell products online?Are you fed up with handing control to big online sites, like Amazon?
Do you want to have your own place in the market without sacrificing your profits to others?
You can do all of that with Shopify, the online trading site which allows you to keep control and work with a variety of platforms to give you plenty of options.

Now, with Shopify: 10 Proven Steps to Make Money Online with Shopify, you can find out all you need to know about this remarkable opportunity and how to get the most from:

  • Choosing a platform that works for you
  • How to set up a website
  • Developing a brand
  • How to build an effective mailing list
  • Making marketing strategies
  • Customer feedback
  • And much more…

Selling online, with your own website is hard work and you’ll have to do most of it on your own. But the rewards when you get it right can be substantial and the knowledge that you don’t have to give a chunk of your hard-earned cash to another company at the point of sale, make it all worthwhile.

Get a copy of Shopify: 10 Proven Steps to Make Money Online with Shopify and see how you can become a success at selling online, without using a middleman.

Scroll Up and Get Your Copy Now!

Author(s): Jerry Kershen

11. The Definitive Guide to Shopify Themes: Master the Design Skills to Build World-Class Ecommerce Sites (2017)

Master the design techniques and practical skills needed to build Shopify themes and make you and your clients profitable. An increasing number of businesses use Shopify and all of them need a well-designed theme to turn visitors into customers. Designers and developers that can deliver such themes create value for their clients and customers ― and get paid accordingly.
Written by Shopify Plus expert Gavin Ballard, this book teaches you how to apply your existing web development skills to the development of Shopify themes. Along the way, we’ll highlight the differences you will encounter and how you can use Liquid, Shopify’s templating language. You will understand the key tools, workflows, principles and processes that help experienced Shopify developers build amazing themes.
This book is the first dedicated to Shopify theme development and is invaluable for any web or Ecommerce professional looking to add Shopify skills to their tool belt – add it to your library today.
What You Will Learn 
  • Use your existing web development skills to master Shopify themes and new technologies like Liquid and Slate 
  • Apply appropriate Shopify principles to the design of Ecommerce sites 
  • Employ strategies and technical skills to get the most out of a Shopify theme 
  • Examine advanced workflow and deployment techniques for delivering Shopify themes
Who This Book Is For

This book assumes familiarity with common web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) but does not assume any significant prior knowledge of Shopify themes. Anyone with existing web design and development skills will find this book invaluable in bridging the knowledge gap when starting out with Shopify theme development. There’s value for those more familiar with Shopify themes as well – whether it’s learning some advanced workflow and deployment techniques, becoming acquainted with Shopify’s brand new theme framework Slate, or just stepping back to consider Ecommerce design principles at a higher level.

Author(s): Gavin Ballard

12. Dropshipping: Complete Guide to Start Your Six-Figure Dropshipping Business NOW! How to Find Profitable Niches and Make Passive Income with Shopify, Amazon FBA, Ebay, Retail Arbitrage (2017)

It is easy to make mistakes when you are new to dropshipping – But for those in the know, dropshipping can be a relatively easy and highly profitable business model!

The path to true wealth is having passive income; a source of income that is truly disconnected from your time. Even if you earn a high hourly wage, there are only so many hours in a day and in your life. You don’t want to spend them all working! That is the beauty of starting an ecommerce business on Shopify, Amazon, or Ebay using a dropshipping business model. For someone who hasn’t done it before, it can be hard to separate the scams from the good opportunities. Learn the real risks, pitfalls, marketing techniques, and sales strategies you need to succeed with dropshipping!

Learn the dropshipping secrets the experts don’t want you to know!

You may have heard supposed dropshipping experts pushing access to expensive courses or “exclusive” access to suppliers. They’ll tell you it’s the only way to make money at dropshipping. At the same time, you may have heard from vocal skeptics who claim you can’t make a dime at dropshipping in 2017. That ship has sailed, they say. Dropshipping is for suckers.

They’re both wrong!

The truth is that there are thousands of people from all walks of life – people who started out with no experience in business or ecommerce – who are making a quiet fortune from dropshipping. Many of them work less than 10 hours a week. Some don’t work at all because they’ve outsourced all aspects of their businesses!

Learn to dropship the right way!

Owning your own dropshipping business can be an extremely rewarding way to make a living. This book walks you through everything you need to know including:


Don’t lose your hard earned money trying to start a dropshipping business when you don’t know what you are doing! It doesn’t take long to learn the strategies you will need to succeed!

Don’t let another day pass by…

If you are ready to learn the skills, strategies, and techniques you need to know to successfully start a dropshipping business, scroll up, grab this book, and get started today!

Author(s): Andrew Daniels