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Best Books to Help You Learn Raspberry pi

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1. Programming the Raspberry Pi, Second Edition: Getting Started with Python (2015)

An updated guide to programming your own Raspberry Pi projects

Learn to create inventive programs and fun games on your powerful Raspberry Pi―with no programming experience required. This practical book has been revised to fully cover the new Raspberry Pi 2, including upgrades to the Raspbian operating system. Discover how to configure hardware and software, write Python scripts, create user-friendly GUIs, and control external electronics. DIY projects include a hangman game, RGB LED controller, digital clock, and RasPiRobot complete with an ultrasonic rangefinder.

  • Updated for Raspberry Pi 2
  • Set up your Raspberry Pi and explore its features 
  • Navigate files, folders, and menus 
  • Write Python programs using the IDLE editor 
  • Use strings, lists, functions, and dictionaries 
  • Work with modules, classes, and methods 
  • Create user-friendly games using Pygame 
  • Build intuitive user interfaces with Tkinter 
  • Attach external electronics through the GPIO port 
  • Add powerful Web features to your projects

Author(s): Simon Monk

2. Raspberry Pi: The complete guide to Raspberry Pi for beginners, including projects, tips, tricks, and programming (2017)


Grab this GREAT physical book now at a limited time discounted price!

This book serves as a beginner’s guide to the world of Raspberry Pi, the different models, how to use them, and what their capabilities are.

Inside, you will discover the power of the Raspberry Pi microcomputer, which model is the right one for you, how to set up your Pi for use, and how to get started on your very first Raspberry Pi project!

You will discover the different programming languages that can be used on the Pi, and which ones are best for you to start with. Also included are some fun and simple projects that you can try, that are perfect for the beginner Pi user!

Here Is What You’ll Learn About…

  • What Is The Raspberry Pi?
  • Raspberry Pi 101
  • The Different Models
  • Setting It Up
  • Coding For The Raspberry Pi
  • Different Uses Of The Pi
  • Raspberry Pi Projects
  • Much, Much More!

Order your copy of this fantastic book today!

Author(s): James Arthur

3. Raspberry Pi: Step-By-Step Guide To Mastering Raspberry PI 3 Hardware And Software (Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi Programming, Python Programming, C Programming) (2017)


This book/course is for all those who are willing to build interesting projects with the Raspberry Pi Platform. You can start with this book without any knowledge of programming or electronics or Linux. All of the projects in this book are explained step by step with clear instructions.

Also if you want to start with embedded Linux using the Raspberry Pi board and will go deep into its specifications, electronics and sensors in general so this book for you.

Each chapter will contain a certain number of relevant topics withillustrations and exercises where necessary, this will all be finished off with an end ofchapter quiz for an easy and enjoyable learning

In this book you will work with many programming languages like C, C++, Python, Lua and Shell Scripting to design and develop different types of applications from low level programming of sensors to graphical user interface

This book will mainly focus on embedded systems especially that have the Linux operating system on it “Embedded Linux” and how to interface the physical components like LEDs and Sensors, also this book will produce introduction to the communication protocols like I2C, SPI, UART and will compare between them.

At the end of this book you will find the final project which is the OSMC, configuration, convert you Raspberry Pi into media center, working with Kodi, Networking Sharing to watch your movies on the TV using the Raspberry Pi.


Author(s): Richard Ray

4. Exploring Raspberry Pi: Interfacing to the Real World with Embedded Linux (2016)

Exploring Raspberry Pi

Author(s): Derek Molloy

5. Python Programming for Raspberry Pi, Sams Teach Yourself in 24 Hours (2nd Edition) (Sams Teach Yourself — Hours) (2016)


Python Programming for Raspberry Pi®


In just 24 sessions of one hour or less, Sams Teach Yourself Python Programming for Raspberry Pi in 24 Hours teaches you Python programming on Raspberry Pi, so you can start creating awesome projects for home automation, home theater, gaming, and more. Using this book’s straight-forward, step-by-step approach, you’ll move from the absolute basics all the way through network and web connections, multimedia, and even connecting with electronic circuits for sensing and robotics. Every lesson and case study application builds on what you’ve already learned, giving you a rock-solid foundation for real-world success!

  • Step-by-step instructions carefully walk you through the most common Raspberry Pi Python programming tasks.
  • Quizzes at the end of each chapter help you test your knowledge.
  • By the Way notes present interesting information related to the discussion.
  • Did You Know? tips offer advice or show you easier ways to perform tasks.
  • Watch Out! cautions alert you to possible problems and give you advice on how to avoid them.

Richard Blum has administered systems and networks for more than 25 years. He has published numerous Linux and open source books, and is an online instructor for web programming and Linux courses used by colleges across the United States. His books include Ubuntu Linux Secrets; Linux for Dummies, Ninth Edition; PostgreSQL 8 for Windows; and Professional Linux Programming.

Christine Bresnahan began working as a systems administrator more than 25 years ago. Now an Adjunct Professor at Ivy Tech Community College, she teaches Python programming, Linux administration and computer security. She is coauthor of The Linux Bible, Eighth Edition. With Blum, she also coauthored Linux Command Line & Shell Scripting Bible, Second Edition.


  • Get your Raspberry Pi and choose the right low-cost peripherals
  • Set up Raspian Linux and the Python programming environment
  • Learn Python basics, including arithmetic and structured commands
  • Master Python 3 lists, tuples, diction-aries, sets, strings, files, and modules
  • Reuse the same Python code in multiple locations with functions
  • Manipulate string data efficiently with regular expressions
  • Practice simple object-oriented programming techniques
  • Use exception handling to make your code more reliable
  • Program modern graphical user interfaces with Raspberry Pi and OpenGL
  • Create Raspberry Pi games with the PyGame library
  • Learn network, web, and database techniques you can also use in business software
  • Write Python scripts that send email
  • Interact with other devices through Raspberry Pi’s GPIO interface
  • Walk through example Raspberry Pi projects that inspire you to do even more


On the Web:

Register your book at informit.com/title/9780672337642 for access to all code examples from the book, as well as update and corrections as they become available.

Author(s): Richard Blum, Christine Bresnahan

6. Programming the Raspberry Pi: Getting Started with Python (2012)

Program your own Raspberry Pi projects

Create innovative programs and fun games on your tiny yet powerful Raspberry Pi. In this book, electronics guru Simon Monk explains the basics of Raspberry Pi application development, while providing hands-on examples and ready-to-use scripts. See how to set up hardware and software, write and debug applications, create user-friendly interfaces, and control external electronics. Do-it-yourself projects include a hangman game, an LED clock, and a software-controlled roving robot.

  • Boot up and configure your Raspberry Pi
  • Navigate files, folders, and menus
  • Create Python programs using the IDLE editor
  • Work with strings, lists, and functions
  • Use and write your own libraries, modules, and classes
  • Add Web features to your programs
  • Develop interactive games with Pygame
  • Interface with devices through the GPIO port
  • Build a Raspberry Pi Robot and LED Clock
  • Build professional-quality GUIs using Tkinter

Author(s): Simon Monk

7. Raspberry Pi 3: Programming and Projects from Beginner to Expert (2018)

The all NEW Raspberry Pi 3 User Guide! Completely up-to-date information so you can get the most out of your Raspberry Pi 3. Grab the guide that should have come in the box with your Pi!

What can you do with your Raspberry Pi 3? Only this guide provides a comprehensive, easy to understand, and completely up-to-date explanation of the Raspberry Pi 3’s many capabilities in 2018! Learn exactly what this remarkable computer can do and how you can implement the many features of this amazing device to improve your life, have fun, and save time every single day! Grab this guide today and learn:

  • What are single board computers and how do they work?
  • What is the Raspberry Pi 3?
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B specifications
  • How do I set up the Raspberry Pi 3?
  • What is Raspbian?
  • Installing Raspbian
  • How do I Configure Raspbian?
  • How do I connect using Bluetooth with my Raspberry Pi 3?
  • What are my options for programming on my Raspberry Pi 3?
  • Python
  • What is the difference between Python versions?
  • How to install multiple Python libraries
  • What are some possible projects that I can do with my Raspberry Pi 3?
  • Installing “DOOM”
  • Installing the Kodi Multi Media Software on the Raspberry Pi 3
  • What is Kodi and what is it capable of?
  • Turning your Raspberry Pi 3 into a Kodi Box
  • Creating a Multi Room Audio system controlled by the Raspberry Pi
  • Creating a Retro Game Console using the Raspberry Pi
  • And much more!

If you are going to have a Raspberry Pi 3, it only makes sense to also have the knowledge to get the most out of it. Empower yourself to enjoy all of the Pi’s many capabilities when you grab this guide today!

Author(s): Jim Bosworth

8. Raspberry Pi Cookbook: Software and Hardware Problems and Solutions (2016)

With millions of new users and several new models, the Raspberry Pi ecosystem continues to expand—along with a lot of new questions about the Pi’s capabilities. The second edition of this popular cookbook provides more than 240 hands-on recipes for running this tiny low-cost computer with Linux, programming it with Python, and hooking up sensors, motors, and other hardware—including Arduino and the Internet of Things.

Prolific hacker and author Simon Monk also teaches basic principles to help you use new technologies with Raspberry Pi as its ecosystem continues to develop. This cookbook is ideal for programmers and hobbyists familiar with the Pi through resources, including Getting Started with Raspberry Pi (O’Reilly). Python and other code examples from the book are available on GitHub.

  • Set up your Raspberry Pi and connect to a network
  • Work with its Linux-based operating system
  • Program Raspberry Pi with Python
  • Give your Pi “eyes” with computer vision
  • Control hardware through the GPIO connector
  • Use Raspberry Pi to run different types of motors
  • Work with switches, keypads, and other digital inputs
  • Use sensors to measure temperature, light, and distance
  • Connect to IoT devices in various ways
  • Create dynamic projects with Arduino

Author(s): Simon Monk

9. Raspberry Pi: 2 Manuscripts: Rasperry Pi A Complete Step By Step Raspberry Pi 3 Programming Guide – Raspberry Pi 3 Projects From Beginner To Master … By Step (Computer Programming) (Volume 3) (2017)

Are you ready to get your complete Raspberry Pi 3 education?

With this bundle, you will learn everything there is to know to become a Raspberry Pi 3 Master

Getting a real education can be difficult, when it comes to learn programming. Most books out there do not offer a 360 degrees knowledge and, more often than not, the reader will be left with a sense of incompleteness. For this reason, John Greenwald, has decided to release a bundle of its two most popular boos: Raspberry Pi. A Complete Step By Step Raspberry Pi 3 Programming Guide and Raspberry Pi 3: Raspberry Pi 3 Projects From Beginner To Master Explained Step By Step
With this bundle, everything will be revealed to you.

In this guide, you are going to learn in a step by step fashion everything there is to know about the Raspberry Pi 3. Some of the topics that the bundle will touch on are the following:
What Raspberry Pi is
–> How To Download Raspberry Pi 3
–> The Basics Of Raspberry Pi 3
–> Raspbian
–> Creating A Wireless Access Point With Raspberry Pi 3
–> The Use Of Raspberry Pi 3
–> Tips And Tricks For Raspberry Pi 3
–> The History Of Raspberry Pi
–> Command Glossary For Linux
–> Building a Classic Game Emulator
–> Building a NAS with Raspberry Pi 3
–> Building Your Own Streaming Program with Raspberry Pi 3
–> Building a Minecraft Server with Your Raspberry Pi 3 Board
–> Creating a Media Player with RasPlex and Your Raspberry Pi 3
–> Personal Assistants with Raspberry Pi 3
–> Building a Laptop with Raspberry Pi 3

You see? The bundle will guide you in every step of the learning process. This is why it is such a powerful tool.

John wants to share his knowledge with you and is looking forward to seeing you inside!

Author(s): John Greenwald

10. Raspberry Pi: Step By Step Guide From Beginner To Advanced (2017)

Step By Step Guide From Beginner To Advanced
Updated Version
Have you ever wanted to discover something new but were unsure of what you could learn that would not only be useful but would challenge your way of thinking? With Raspberry Pi 3, you will have the challenge that you are looking for.

Raspberry Pi allows you to work with a wide variety of components for projects that are well beyond anything that you would be able to do with programming languages such as Python or Perl.

This book includes topics like:
• What Raspberry Pi is
• How to download Raspberry Pi
• What Raspbian is
• How to program in Python
• Tips and tricks that you need to master Raspberry Pi

You will also learn how to do some of the projects that are offered by Raspberry Pi.

And much, much more!

Author(s): Leonard Eddison

11. Raspberry Pi with Java: Programming the Internet of Things (IoT) (Oracle Press) (2015)

Use Raspberry Pi with Java to create innovative devices that power the internet of things!

Raspberry Pi with Java: Programming the Internet of Things (IoT) fills an important gap in knowledge between seasoned Java developers and embedded-hardware gurus, taking a project-based approach to skills development from which both hobbyists and professionals can learn. By starting with simple projects based on open-source libraries such as Pi4J, hobbyists can get immediate results without a significant investment in time or hardware.

Later projects target simplified industrial use cases where professionals can start to apply their skills to practical problems in the fields of home automation, healthcare, and robotics. This progression prepares you to be an active participant in the IoT revolution that is reshaping our lives.

For the hobbyist:

  • Hardware used in projects is affordable and easily accessible
  • Follows a project-based learning approach with a gradual learning curve
  • Projects are based on open-source code repositories with commercial friendly licenses

For the professional computer engineer:

  • Uses an industry-standard platform that allows for high performance, secure, production-ready applications
  • Introduces Java SE Embedded for large devices and Java ME Embedded for small devices
  • Code is portable to a wide variety of ARM and MIPS based platforms
  • Provides practical skill development with advanced projects in the fields of home automation, healthcare, and robotics

Author(s): Stephen Chin, James Weaver

12. Raspberry Pi: Ultimate Guide For Rasberry Pi, User guide To Get The Most Out Of Your Investment, Hacking, Programming, Python, Best Hardware, Beginners Guide To Rasberry Pi (2017)

Learn How To Get The Most Out Of Your Raspberry Pi With This Ultimate Guide!

Do you want to get the most out of the worlds fastest selling computer?

Learn the fundamentals of the raspberry pi today!

Basic and Advanced Rasberry Pi Guide!!

You Will Learn The Following:

  • What Is The Raspberry Pi
  • The Benefits of using the Raspberry Pi
  • Downloading and using the Raspberry Pi
  • Downloading software on the Raspberry Pi
  • Tips And Tricks To Getting The Most From Your Raspberry Pi
  • All Round Guide To Becoming Raspberry Pi Geek
  • And Much Much More!

Whether you just want to learn more about the raspberry pi or already understand it and want extra help becoming more aware of what it can do, this book is for you. So don’t delay it any longer. Take This Opportunity By Buying This Raspberry Pi Guide Now!

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Author(s): Steven Giles