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Best Meteor Books that You Should Have on Your Bookshelf

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1. Meteor: Full-Stack Web Application Development (2016)

Learn how to create mobile and full-stack web applications in JavaScript by getting a deeper insight into Meteor

About This Book

  • This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to build fast, complex web applications
  • Over 65 hands-on recipes help you build and deploy elegant web applications
  • Optimize your web application for production use

Who This Book Is For

If you are a web developer who is familiar with Meteor and has basic knowledge of web development, and you now want to explore new paradigms of single-page, real-time applications, this course is perfectly suited for you.

What You Will Learn

  • Secure your site with Meteor best practices
  • Create reactive templates that update themselves when data changes
  • Add routing to a single-page application and make it appear like a real website
  • Make your own Meteor packages and see how to make them public
  • Rapidly build robust, responsive user interfaces
  • Publish your own reusable custom packages
  • Optimize your site for load speed with advanced publishers and subscribers
  • Master the intricacies of front-end development using Jeet, Bootstrap, CSS animations, and more
  • Leverage the aggregation framework to produce results with big data
  • Optimize your site for search engine visibility

In Detail

Meteor is best JavaScript development platform and is packed with collections of libraries and packages bound together in a tidy way to take care of everything from development to production, making your web development easier.

This course follows a learning path divided into three modules. Each module is a mini course in its own right, taking your knowledge to a new level as you progress. The first module takes you from the installation of Meteor to building a fully working web blog (including back end) to create and edit posts. Your path will begin with the basic concepts and folder structure of a Meteor project, learning how Meteor templates work to test packages, and seeing the application itself.

The second module is a cookbook that starts with simple recipes designed for quick reference, and culminating advanced recipes that walk you through building and deploying a complete application. The cookbook covers all the major areas of Meteor development, including lesser-known and undocumented features too.

With all the important concepts covered in the previous modules, the third module will get you equipped with simple solutions to boost your development skills. You’ll learn about mapping of real-world data and optimizing it, how to optimize and secure web applications and how to deploy and maintain it without breaking its features. Throughout the module, you will put your skills into practice and build an online shop from scratch.

This Learning Path combines some of the best that Packt has to offer in one complete, curated package. It includes content from the following Packt products:

  • Building Single-page Web Apps with Meteor, Fabian Vogelsteller
  • Meteor Cookbook, Isaac Strack
  • Meteor Design Patterns, Marcelo Reyna

Style and approach

This practical handbook has a step-by-step approach to help you improve your developer skills and efficiently built web applications using Meteor.

Author(s): Fabian Vogelsteller, Isaac Strack

2. Building Single-page Web Apps with Meteor (2015)

Build real-time apps at lightning speed using the most powerful full-stack JavaScript framework

About This Book

  • Create a complete web blog from frontend to backend that uses only JavaScript
  • Understand how Web 2.0 is made by powerful browser-based applications
  • Step-by-step tutorial that will show you how fast, complex web applications can be built

Who This Book Is For

If you are a web developer with basic knowledge of JavaScript and want to take on Web 2.0, build real-time applications, or simply want to write a complete application using only JavaScript and HTML/CSS, this is the book for you.

This book is based on Meteor 1.0.

What You Will Learn

  • Create reactive templates that update themselves when data changes
  • Use database queries on the client and the server to retrieve, sort, and manipulate datasets
  • Understand data synchronization using a publication/subscription model and make API calls a thing of the past
  • Discover how you can secure your data flow on the server side to keep confidential data secret
  • Add routing to a single-page application and make it appear like a real website
  • Build your own advanced reactive objects and make everything rerun when you want
  • Make your own Meteor packages and learn how to make them public
  • Unit test your packages and Meteor applications

In Detail

Meteor is the best JavaScript platform on the Web that allows you to build real-time web applications quickly and easily and in pure JavaScript. It comes with a full build process that takes care of everything, from development to production, with no need for configuration. This book takes you from the installation of Meteor to building a fully working web blog (including backend) to create and edit posts.

You will start with the basic concepts and folder structure of a Meteor project, learning how Meteor templates work. Learn how to retrieve and send data to the server and manipulate the database content. Routing will later make your example app look and behave like a real website. Next, you’ll get to grips with Meteor’s reactivity concept that can rerun functions when data changes while you’re building your own reactive object, and package it later for drop-in use. After your app is ready, the book continues with ways of deploying your app on different types of servers. Finally, we will take a look at testing packages and the application itself.

Author(s): Fabian Vogelsteller

3. Meteor in Action (2015)


Meteor in Action teaches you full-stack web development using the Meteor platform. It starts with an overview of a Meteor application, revealing the unique nature of Meteor’s end-to-end application model. Then you’ll dive into the Blaze templating engine, discover Meteor’s reactive data sources model, learn simple and advanced routing techniques, and practice managing users, permissions, and roles.

Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

About the Book

You might call Meteor a reactive, isomorphic, full-stack web development framework. Or, like most developers who have tried it, you might just call it awesome. Meteor is a JavaScript-based framework for both client and server web and mobile applications. Meteor applications react to changes in data instantly, so you get impossibly responsive user experiences, and the consistent build process, unified front- and back-end package system, and one-command deploys save you time at every step from design to release.

Meteor in Action teaches you full-stack web development with Meteor. It starts by revealing the unique nature of Meteo’s end-to-end application model. Through real-world scenarios, you’ll dive into the Blaze templating engine, discover Meteor’s reactive data sources model, learn routing techniques, and practice managing users, permissions, and roles. Finally, you’ll learn how to deploy Meteor on your server and scale efficiently.

What’s Inside

  • Building your first real-time application
  • Using MongoDB and other reactive data sources
  • Creating applications with Iron Router
  • Deploying and scaling your applications

About the Reader

Readers need to know the basics of JavaScript and understand general web application design.

About the Authors

Stephan Hochhaus and Manuel Schoebel are veteran web developers who have worked with Meteor since its infancy.

Table of Contents

  1. A better way to build apps
  2. My fridge! A reactive game
    PART 2 3, 2, 1—IMPACT!
  3. Working with templates
  4. Working with data
  5. Fully reactive editing
  6. Users, authentications, and permissions
  7. Exchanging data
  8. Routing using Iron.Router
  9. The package system
  10. Advanced server methods
  12. Building and debugging
  13. Going into production

Author(s): Stephan Hochhaus, Manuel Schoebel

4. Learn Meteor – Node.js and MongoDB JavaScript platform (2016)

You’re a developer who knows nothing to Meteor. Which is fine, except that you need to start coding your next application using Meteor. Don’t worry: I have you covered. I’ve been training hundreds of developers like you during 15 years, and converted my experience into this book. I know from experience teaching what takes more time to learn in Meteor, and will spend time only where appropriate. Plus this book is packed with exercises which build up into a full project: you develop a small e-commerce application. You’ll allow users to browse for products, add them to their basket, and you’ll also create a full back-end where the site administrators will be able to list, create, modify, and delete products. Read this book, and you can code your Meteor application within a week.

Author(s): Arnaud Weil

5. Build Applications with Meteor: Isomorphic JavaScript web development (2017)

Key Features

  • Develop a set of real-world applications each exploring different features of Meteor
  • Make your app more appealing by adding reactivity and responsiveness to it
  • Work with the most powerful feature of Meteor―the “full stack reactivity”―through building real-time applications with many third party libraries

Book Description

This book starts with the basic installation and overview of the main components in Meteor. You’ll get hands-on multiple versatile applications covering a wide range of topics from adding a front-end views with the hottest rendering technology React to implementing a microservices oriented architecture.All the code is written with ES6/7 which is the latest significantly improved JavaScript language. We’ll also look at real-time data streaming, server to server data exchange, responsive styles on the front-end, full-text search functionality, and integration of many third-party libraries and APIs using npm.

By the end of the book, you’ll have the skills to quickly prototype and even launch your next app idea in a matter of days.

What you will learn

  • See how Meteor fits in the modern web application development by using its reactive data system
  • Make your front-end behave consistently across environments by implementing a predictable state container with Redux
  • Get familiar with React and overview of Angular 2
  • Add a map to your application with a real-time geolocation
  • Plugin into Meteor social media APIs like Twitter’s streaming and Facebook’s Messenger
  • Add search functionality from scratch to your existing app and data
  • Add

Author(s): Dobrin Ganev

6. Meteor Web Application Development Cookbook (2015)

Over 65 hands-on recipes that cover every aspect of building and deploying elegant, full-stack web applications with Meteor

About This Book

  • Save time and effort while fully leveraging the entire Meteor technology stack
  • Quickly reference and implement the most powerful and useful features of one of the hottest and fastest growing JavaScript frameworks
  • Master cutting-edge techniques used by the experts to build elegant, robust applications

Who This Book Is For

This book is meant for developers of all experience levels looking to create mobile and full-stack web applications in JavaScript. Many of the simple recipes can easily be followed by less-experienced developers, while some of the advanced recipes will require extensive knowledge of existing web, mobile, and server technologies. Any application or enterprise web developer looking to create full-stack JavaScript-based apps will benefit from the recipes and concepts covered in this book.

What You Will Learn

  • Create and deploy user-friendly, touch-enabled web applications
  • Rapidly build robust, responsive user interfaces
  • Integrate any npm/Node package in minutes
  • Leverage isomorphic JavaScript to develop full-stack applications
  • Publish your own reusable custom packages
  • Quickly implement user accounts compatible with Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more
  • Convert external API streams into reactive, self-updating infographics
  • Secure and optimize your Mongo data collections

In Detail

Meteor is an incredibly powerful, impossibly fun platform used to build modern, responsive web and mobile applications

Starting with simple recipes designed for quick reference, and culminating in advanced recipes that walk you through building and deploying a complete application, Meteor Cookbook covers all the major areas of Meteor development, including lesser-known and undocumented features. You will have instant access to step-by-step recipes, accompanied by clear, concise explanations on optimizing your workflow. Whether used as a learning resource or as a quick-reference guide, this book will surely earn a permanent spot on your development work desk!

Author(s): Isaac Strack

7. Meteor Design Patterns (2015)

Accelerate your code writing skills with over twenty programming patterns that will make your code easier to maintain and scale

About This Book

  • Optimize your web application for production use
  • Build views and controllers with minimal effort that will evolve with your application
  • Learn how to maintain a MeteorJS project while it is running in production

Who This Book Is For

This book is for developers who have already had an introductory course with Meteor. Basic knowledge of web development is recommended.

What You Will Learn

  • Use of Jade, Stylus, and CoffeeScript to speed up web development
  • Increase productivity by leveraging the best packages in the community
  • Optimize your site for load speed with advanced publishers and subscribers
  • Leverage the aggregation framework to produce results with big data
  • Master the intricacies of front-end development using Jeet, Bootstrap, CSS animations, and more
  • Optimize your site for search engine visibility
  • Secure your site with Meteor’s best practices
  • Track the live status of your application, ensuring all errors have been taken care of

In Detail

With the increasing interest in NodeJS web applications, a new framework, Meteor, has joined the ranks to simplify developer workflows. Meteor is one of the few open source frameworks that has received funding since its early development stages. It builds on ideas from existing frameworks and libraries, offering developers an easy way to develop a prototype app. At the same time, it gives them the tools and flexibility to build a fully fledged production app. Meteor is the weapon of choice for start-ups in today’s world.

Meteor Design Patterns cuts through the jargon that most websites play with and gets to the point with simple solutions that will boost your development skills.

We start off with a refresher on the basics of JavaScript programming such as templates, CoffeeScript, the Event Loop, and the Merge Box, amongst others. You then learn how to map real-world data and optimize the data’s publishers to output data with the least amount of work done by the server with some subscribe and publish patterns. Next, using front-end patterns, you will learn how to create maintainable and trackable forms, and make our site crawlable by any search engine. Following this, you will see how to optimize and secure the web application and maintain applications without breaking other features. Finally, you will learn how to deploy a secure production-ready application while learning to set up modulus, compose with Oplog tracking and SSL certificates, as well as error tracking with Kadira.

Throughout the book, you will put your skills to practice and build an online shop from scratch. By the end of the book, you will have built a feature-rich online shop.

Style and approach

The book is a practical handbook on how to build an e-commerce web app using Meteor. Every topic ties into the webapp to easily illustrate the concepts that you are learning about.

Author(s): Marcelo Reyna

8. Getting Started with Meteor.js JavaScript Framework – Second Edition (2015)

Learn to develop powerful web applications in minutes with Meteor

About This Book

  • Learn one of the most up-to-date JavaScript platforms, with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions
  • Familiarize yourself with Meteor’s new and improved features
  • Create dynamic, multi-user applications in JavaScript

Who This Book Is For

This book is for developers or students who have a working knowledge of JavaScript and HTML, and want to learn how to quickly develop full-stack web applications using pure JavaScript.

What You Will Learn

  • Leverage reactive programming in modern web applications
  • Design and implement MongoDB/NoSQL databases
  • Develop fast and simple web interfaces with HTML templates
  • Use local and server synchronization to make apps more user-friendly
  • Structure an application for performance and security
  • Leverage Meteor’s quick and easy user authentication system
  • Implement third-party packages and add-ons
  • Prepare and deploy Meteor applications

In Detail

Meteor is one of the most popular development platforms available today, allowing you to create and deploy mobile and web applications in a fraction of the time needed by other JavaScript frameworks. Getting Started with Meteor.js JavaScript Framework Second Edition is an easy to follow, step-by-step approach to learning how to build modern web applications with Meteor.

You will begin with a look “under the hood” to see what makes Meteor so special. Next, you will build a complete, working application from scratch, gaining a thorough understanding of Meteor’s major features including: data on the wire, web templates, declarative programming, full-stack reactivity, modularity, third-party packages, and MongoDB/NoSQL databases. Finally, you will learn how to harden your app, prepare it for production release, and quickly deploy it using Meteor’s public servers or your own custom server. With updated screenshots and code, this second edition will show you exactly why Meteor is the choice for rapid, elegant application development.

Author(s): Isaac Strack

9. Meteor Programming in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself (Teach Yourself — Hours) (2016)

With Meteor, you can build powerful web and mobile apps stunningly fast — including the apps that drive tomorrow's winning cloud-based businesses! Now, in just 24 lessons of one hour or less, you can learn all the skills and techniques you'll need. Each short, easy lesson in Meteor in 24 hours, Sams Teach Yourself builds on all that's come before. You'll learn all of Meteor's capabilities as you craft three powerful apps packed with code you'll actually want to reuse:

  • Twitter Mapper: A web app that plots geolocation data from tweets in real-time on a world map, and lets you filter them by those you follow or by hashtag
  • A complete bulletin board system with profiles, groups, oAuth support for signup through social networks, messaging, and chat rooms
  • A stock portfolio manager, with charting, market quote integration, reporting, and a complete dashboard

Stephen O'Brien reviews the basics of JavaScript within Meteor's framework, and then shifts to CoffeeScript to take advantage of its exceptionally readable syntax. Similarly, you'll review all you need to know about CSS, and then switch to Sass, the world's most popular and powerful CSS pre-processor.


As you work, you'll master techniques including fully responsive design, effective source code management, unit testing, cloud hosting, the use of pre-built packages to save time, and much more:

  • Setting up your Meteor IDE, and getting started fast
  • Programming Meteor like a pro, from the very beginning
  • Extending Meteor packages to get instant gratification
  • Linking to Twitter's API
  • Building modern user interfaces
  • Manipulating and securing data
  • Integrating social features into your web apps
  • Adding dashboards, interactive charts, and advanced visualizations
  • Improving security: passwords, hashes, salts, and browser policy lockdown

Step-by-step instructions walk you through common questions, issues, and tasks; Q-and-As, Quizzes, and Exercises build and test your knowledge; “Did You Know?” tips offer insider advice and shortcuts; and “Watch Out!” alerts help you avoid pitfalls. By the time you're finished, you'll be comfortable building virtually anything with Meteor — including apps that create high-profit cloud-based businesses!

Author(s): Stephen O’Brien

10. Meteor: Web-Applikationen entwickeln mit dem Meteor JavaScript-Framework (German Edition) (2015)

METEOR – Web-Applikationen entwickeln mit dem METEOR JavaScript-Framework

Der praktische Einstieg! Meteor ist der neue Star unter den JavaScript Web-Frameworks! Mit Version 1.0 wurde ein wichtiger Meilenstein erreicht, der Meteor zur echten Alternative unter den großen Web-Frameworks macht. Dieses Buch begleitet Sie beim praktischen Einstieg und vermittelt Ihnen alle wichtigen Meteor-Grundlagen in kompakter Form.

FULLSTACK: Mit METEOR entwickeln Sie durchgängig mit JavaScript Meteor ist ein echtes Fullstack-Framework. Sie entwickeln durchgängig mit JavaScript und entscheiden, ob der Quellcode auf dem Server, auf dem Client oder auf beiden Seiten zur Ausführung kommt. Hiermit lässt sich Ihr Projekt schneller und effizienter umsetzen. Verabschieden Sie sich von unterschiedlichen Programmiersprachen in Ihrem Web-Projekt und setzen Sie mit Meteor auf eine einheitliche Architektur!

REALTIME: Automatische Aktualisierung der Anwendungsoberfläche ohne zusätzlichen Entwicklungsaufwand Mit Meteor steigt die Usability von Web-Anwendungen deutlich an. Ohne zusätzlichen Aufwand während der Entwicklung erhalten Sie Single-Page-Webapps, die Inhalte partiell nachladen. Außerdem sorgt Meteor dafür, dass Anwendungsinstanzen automatisch wechselseitig aktualisiert werden, sobald sich Daten verändern. Auch für diesen Komfort braucht der Entwickler keine Zeile Quellcode extra zu schreiben!

PRAXIS: Durchgängiges Anwendungsbeispiel, Quellcode zum Download Am einfachsten ist ein neues Framework anhand eines praktisches Beispiels zu erlernen. Aus diesem Grund finden Sie im Buch ein durchgängiges praxisnahes Anwendungsbeispiel, das von Kapitel zu Kapitel erweitert und ausgebaut wird. Hiermit sind Sie in der Lage schnell und effektiv in das neue Thema einzusteigen und schnelle Lernfortschritte zu erziehlen. Der Quellcode steht außerdem vollständig zum Download zur Verfügung.

Das Buch deckt die folgenden Meteor-Themen ab:

  • Installation des METEOR-Frameworks
  • Verwaltung und Installation von METEOR-Paketen
  • Aufsetzen der METEOR-Projektstruktur
  • Einsatz des METEOR Template-Systems
  • Umgang mit MongoDB zur Datenverwaltung
  • Datenaustausch zwischen Server und Client mittels Publications und Subscriptions umsetzen
  • Umsetzung von Routing mittels IronRouter
  • Benutzerauthentifizierung und Zugriffskontrolle
  • Einsatz von Sessions
  • Durchführung des Deployments

Author(s): Sebastian Eschweiler

11. Introducing Meteor (2015)

Meteor is a full stack application platform that makes it easy to build powerful, real time Web apps quickly. Introducing Meteor guides you through building top-quality Web apps in a fraction of the time using an application platform built for the modern web. This book takes you from installing the development environment all the way through deploying a live app, and everything in between. Introducing Meteor covers how to build a prototype app in days instead of weeks; how to take advantage of reactive templates; leverage the hundreds of Smart Packages available; and employ best practices and avoid common errors made by beginners. Meteor gives you the tools you need to build better apps faster.

Web apps have come a long way since the 1990s, but they still require a lot of time, specialized knowledge and complex setups. Introducing Meteor shows you a better way.

Author(s): Josh Robinson, Aaron Gray

12. Instant Meteor JavaScript Framework Starter (2013)

Enjoy creating a multi-page site, using the exciting new Meteor framework!


  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results.
  • Create multi-page Meteor sites
  • Learn best practices for structuring your app for maximum efficiency
  • Use and configure a NoSQL database
  • Publish your finished apps to the Web
  • Learn not only the code but the processes as well

In Detail

Meteor takes many of the cutting edge breakthroughs in web applications that until now have been reserved for larger companies, and makes them available to everyone. Meteor completely rethinks the standard model of web apps, in order to create fast, fluid, and engaging content.

Instant Meteor JavaScript Framework Starter takes a behind the scenes look at Meteor, showing you not only the code, but the processes as well. Being completely different from your typical web framework, Meteor requires a dramatically new train of thought when constructing your apps, which we will explore throughout the course of this book.

This book starts from the beginning; you don’t need to know about Meteor, NoSQL databases, or even programming best practices, but by the end of the book you should be well versed in each of these.

In this book you will learn about the issues that led to the creation of Meteor, and how it fixes these issues. You will learn about writing code for an MVVM architecture and about structuring your code for security and efficiency. We will cover topics such as securing your data and access control, as well as deploying the finished product to the Web.

If you have been thinking about getting into this exciting new framework, then Instant Meteor JavaScript Framework Starter is your one-way pass to a painless and fun trip to becoming a pro.

What you will learn from this book

  • Install and customize the underlying framework
  • Structure your code to conform to an MVVM design pattern
  • Successfully plan a project from concept to completion
  • Set up and use a MongoDB database in your app
  • Secure your data from both read and write operations
  • Work around common issues, and pre-emptively avoid them
  • Extend your app with smart packages as well as standard libraries
  • Deploy your app to the Web, and then redeploy future revisions
  • Stay up to date and keep your edge with Meteor


Get to grips with a new technology, understand what it is and what it can do for you, and then get to work with the most important features and tasks.A simple Starter approach to show the readers how to develop a real-time web application using Meteor, with the help of a sample project.

Who this book is written for

This book is ideal for people with knowledge of standard JavaScript, basic HTML, and some CSS. This book starts at the very beginning, from installing the framework on your computer all the way up to deploying your finished app on the Web. If you want to get into this exciting new framework, and you would like to learn how to take a project from being a concept to a real-world app, then this is definitely the book for you.

Author(s): Gabriel Manricks