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Best Books to Learn Coffeescript

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1. The Little Book on CoffeeScript: The JavaScript Developer’s Guide to Building Better Web Apps (2012)

This concise book shows JavaScript developers how to build superb web applications with CoffeeScript, the remarkable language that’s gaining considerable interest. Through example code, this guide demonstrates how CoffeeScript abstracts JavaScript, providing syntactical sugar and preventing many common errors. You’ll learn CoffeeScript’s syntax and idioms step by step, from basic variables and functions to complex comprehensions and classes.

Written by Alex MacCaw, author of JavaScript Web Applications (O’Reilly), with contributions from CoffeeScript creator Jeremy Ashkenas, this book quickly teaches you best practices for using this language—not just on the client side, but for server-side applications as well. It’s time to take a ride with the little language that could.

  • Discover how CoffeeScript’s syntax differs from JavaScript
  • Learn about features such as array comprehensions, destructuring assignments, and classes
  • Explore CoffeeScript idioms and compare them to their JavaScript counterparts
  • Compile CoffeeScript files in static sites with the Cake build system
  • Use CommonJS modules to structure and deploy CoffeeScript client-side applications
  • Examine JavaScript’s bad parts—including features CoffeeScript was able to fix

Author(s): Alex MacCaw

2. CoffeeScript in Action (2014)


CoffeeScript in Action is a tutorial that teaches you how, where, and why to use CoffeeScript. It begins by quickly exposing you to CoffeeScript’s new, but instantly-familiar syntax. Then, you’ll explore programming challenges that illustrate CoffeeScript’s unique advantages. Language junkies will especially appreciate how this book takes idioms from other programming languages and shows you how CoffeeScript makes them available in JavaScript.

Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

About the Book

JavaScript runs (almost) everywhere but it can be quirky and awkward. Its cousin CoffeeScript is easier to comprehend and compose. An expressive language, not unlike Ruby or Python, it compiles into standard JavaScript without modification and is a great choice for complex web applications. It runs in any JavaScript-enabled environment and is easy to use with Node.js and Rails.

CoffeeScript in Action teaches you how, where, and why to use CoffeeScript. It immerses you in CoffeeScript’s comfortable syntax before diving into the concepts and techniques you need in order to write elegant CoffeeScript programs. Throughout, you’ll explore programming challenges that illustrate CoffeeScript’s unique advantages. For language junkies, the book explains how CoffeeScript brings idioms from other languages into JavaScript.

What’s Inside

  • CoffeeScript’s syntax and structure
  • Web application patterns and best practices
  • Prototype-based OOP
  • Functional programming
  • Asynchronous programming techniques
  • Builds and testing

Readers need a basic grasp of web development and how JavaScript works. No prior exposure to CoffeeScript is required.

About the Author

Patrick Lee is a developer, designer, and software consultant, working with design startup Canva in Sydney, Australia.

Table of Contents

  1. The road to CoffeeScript
  2. Simplified syntax
  3. First-class functions
  4. Dynamic objects
  6. Composing objects
  7. Composing functions
  8. Style and semantics
  9. Metaprogramming
  10. Composing the asynchronous
  12. Driving with tests
  13. In the browser
  14. Modules and builds
  15. ECMAScript and the future of CoffeeScript

Author(s): Patrick Lee, Nick Marino

3. CoffeeScript: Your guide book on App Development with CoffeScript (2016)


Your guide book on App Development with CoffeScript

This is a guide on how to program in CoffeeScript. The first part explains to you how CoffeeScript is related to JavaScript, Ruby, and Python, and the reason behind its development. You are then guided on how to install CoffeeScript in both Windows and OS X. Functions, together with how arguments can be passed to them, is discussed. Statements which can be used for flow control are also examined, thus, you will know how to implement them in your CoffeeScript programs. Loops and comprehensions are discussed, with no detail left out. You will also learn how to work with objects and arrays in CoffeeScript. Statements responsible for decision making are also explored. You will also learn how to perform array slicing in CoffeeScript. Aliases, a common feature in CoffeeScript together with operators are explored in detail, thus, you will know how to define and implement these in your programs. Classes, which are very important in object-oriented programming, are examining, together with their features such as inheritance and others. Generators and bound functions are also important in CoffeeScript. These are discussed with no detail being left out. Other statements such as the switch, when, and else have been deeply explored, thus, you will learn how to implement them in your CoffeeScript programs. Block regular expressions are also discussed. You will also be guided on how to convert jQuery code into CoffeeScript. The following topics are discussed: A Brief Overview of CoffeeScript Installing CoffeeScript Functions Flow control Loops and Comprehensions Objects and Arrays Decision Making Statements Array Slicing Operators and Aliases Classes and Inheritance Generator and Bound Functions Switch/When/Else Block Regular Expressions Converting jQuery to CoffeeScript

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • A Brief Overview of CoffeeScript
  • Installing CoffeeScript
  • Functions
  • Flow control
  • Loops and Comprehensions
  • Objects and Arrays
  • Decision Making Statements
  • Array Slicing
  • Operators and Aliases
  • Classes and Inheritance
  • Switch/When/Else
  • Block Regular Expressions
  • Converting jQuery to CoffeeScript
  • Download your copy of CoffeeScript by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Author(s): Nicholas Brown

4. CoffeeScript: Accelerated JavaScript Development (2011)

For 15 years, dynamic web content has been written in a single language: JavaScript. Now, for the first time, programmers have an alternative that doesn’t add an extra layer of abstraction or require plugins. CoffeeScript provides all of JavaScript’s functionality wrapped in a cleaner, more succinct syntax that encourages use of "the good parts" of the language.

CoffeeScript: Accelerated JavaScript Development is aimed at programmers who want to get a grip on this new language while improving their understanding of JavaScript. You’ll learn about time-saving features like list comprehensions and splats, organize your code into modules with extensible classes, and get your feet wet with jQuery by building a fast-paced word game.

The book also introduces Node.js, the foremost server-side JavaScript environment. Node and CoffeeScript turn out to be a great match, allowing you to develop the front and back ends of a web application in the same language. With CoffeeScript in your toolkit, you can write great code anywhere.

Author(s): Trevor Burnham

5. CoffeeScript Application Development (2013)

What JavaScript user wouldn’t want to be able to dramatically reduce application development time? This book will teach you the clean, elegant CoffeeScript language and show you how to build stunning applications.


  • Learn the ins and outs of the CoffeeScript language, and understand how the transformation happens behind the scenes
  • Use practical examples to put your new skills to work towards building a functional web application, written entirely in CoffeeScript
  • Understand the language concepts from short, easy-to-understand examples which can be practised by applying them to your ongoing project

In Detail

JavaScript is becoming one of the key languages in web development. It is now more important than ever across a growing list of platforms. CoffeeScript puts the fun back into JavaScript programming with elegant syntax and powerful features.

CoffeeScript Application Development will give you an in-depth look at the CoffeeScript language, all while building a working web application. Along the way, you’ll see all the great features CoffeeScript has to offer, and learn how to use them to deal with real problems like sprawling codebases, incomplete data, and asynchronous web requests.

Through the course of this book you will learn the CoffeeScript syntax and see it demonstrated with simple examples. As you go, you’ll put your new skills into practice by building a web application, piece by piece. You’ll start with standard language features such as loops, functions, and string manipulation. Then, we’ll delve into advanced features like classes and inheritance. Learn advanced idioms to deal with common occurrences like external web requests, and hone your technique for development tasks like debugging and refactoring.

CoffeeScript Application Development will teach you not only how to write CoffeeScript, but also how to build solid applications that run smoothly and are a pleasure to maintain.

What you will learn from this book

  • Write CoffeeScript everywhere, and compile it to JavaScript that can run anywhere
  • Discover techniques to manage a complicated codebase and ever-changing requirements
  • Drop the semicolons with CoffeeScript’s clean, powerful syntax
  • Build for loops, if statements, and functions without all the extra keystrokes
  • Keep your code clean and organized with classes and inheritance
  • Use advanced CoffeeScript idioms to deal with the needs of a growing application
  • Debug effectively with source maps
  • Integrate CoffeeScript into your project seamlessly with Rails, Brunch, and other web frameworks
  • Utilize CoffeeScript for server-side software with Node.js


CoffeeScript Application Development is a practical, hands-on guide with step-by-step instructions. Follow the smooth and easy tutorial approach, covering examples that build in complexity. By the final chapter you’ll be wondering why you didn’t try CoffeeScript sooner.

Who this book is written for

If you are a JavaScript developer who wants to save time and add power to your code, then this is the book that will help you do it. With minimal fuss you will learn a whole new language which will reduce your application development time from weeks to days.

Author(s): Ian Young

6. CoffeeScript Application Development Cookbook (2015)

Over 90 hands-on recipes to help you develop engaging applications using CoffeeScript

About This Book

  • Use CoffeeScript to create and test applications and backend services
  • Build applications using popular frameworks, libraries, and platforms
  • Interface with popular services to send e-mails, text messages, and use cloud storage

Who This Book Is For

If you are interested in developing modern applications, this book will help you leverage the vast JavaScript ecosystem while using an elegant language, helping you avoid the shortcomings of JavaScript.

What You Will Learn

  • Create user interfaces with jQuery, Backbone, AngularJS, and Kendo.UI
  • Develop RESTful services using Node and Express
  • Read and write data using SQLite, Redis, MongoDB, CouchDB, and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Interface with external services to send e-mails, SMS text messages, and use cloud storage services such as DropBox and S3
  • Test your code using Jasmine, QUnit, Zombie, Persona, and Mocha with Chai
  • Work with a variety of hosts such as Heroku, Azure, and Amazon Web Services
  • Use CoffeeScript for DevOps tasks such as managing files and directories, and parsing CSV and fixed-width files

In Detail

CoffeeScript is a JavaScript compiler. CoffeeScript brings many things to the table that are lacking in JavaScript itself. This includes a class and module system, a syntax that is cleaner, less terse, and well structured, and list comprehensions that make working with collections of data more enjoyable. CoffeeScript can be used as not only a tool for the Web, but also as a tool for day-to-day DevOps type tasks (for example, file processing, working with databases, and more).

This practical guide contains a wide range of recipes demonstrating how CoffeeScript can be used while developing the entire stack of an application. With recipes that range from easy and intermediate to advanced, there is something here for anyone looking to escape the common pitfalls of JavaScript and develop in a clean and expressive language.

Author(s): Mike Hatfield

7. CoffeeScript Programming with jQuery, Rails, and Node.js (2012)

Get more fun and productivity out of your web development by learning CoffeeScript. This book is the perfect primer that takes you from language basics to creating responsive applications. Enjoy.


  • Learn CoffeeScript, a small and elegant language that compiles to JavaScript and will make your life as a web developer better.
  • Explore the syntax of the language and see how it improves and enhances JavaScript.
  • Build three example applications in CoffeeScript step by step.

In Detail

CoffeeScript is a young but popular language that makes web programming fun and more productive. It compiles to JavaScript and unleashes its powerful features while not straying too far from the language. It’s become one of the most popular languages on Github and is being used for both browser and server side programming.

“CoffeeScript programming with jQuery, Rails, and Node.js” will not only teach you the CoffeeScript language but also show you how it’s being used by professional programmers with the latest web technologies.

This book will teach you the basics of the language, focusing particularly on how it improves on JavaScript. It then focuses on building real life projects in CoffeeScript using jQuery, Rails, and Node.js.

We look at CoffeeScript as a language that takes the power of JavaScript and presents it in an elegant and concise syntax. We will then see how we can use its power to write beautiful and short programs for various environments and how it complements the latest and greatest web frameworks.

CoffeeScript programming with jQuery, Rails, and Node.js is all you need to become well versed with this great language and set you on your way to using it to write web applications

What you will learn from this book

  • The basics of the language and how it compares to JavaScript
  • CoffeeScript’s powerful class syntax
  • Installing CoffeeScript on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux using Node.js
  • Configuring CoffeeScript for browser applications
  • The basics of jQuery and using it with CoffeeScript
  • Using localStorage in browser-based applications
  • Two approaches to write CoffeeScript in Rails applications
  • Creating responsive web applications using WebSocket


It’s a quick guide for programming CoffeeScript and then diving into programming with Rails, jQuery, and Node.js.

Who this book is written for

This book is for web developers who would like to learn programming with CoffeScript. It is also for developers who have some experience in JavaScript and are curious to learn CoffeScript and build applications with it.

Author(s): Michael Erasmus

8. Learning JavaScript: JavaScript Essentials for Modern Application Development (2016)

This is an exciting time to learn JavaScript. Now that the latest JavaScript specification—ECMAScript 6.0 (ES6)—has been finalized, learning how to develop high-quality applications with this language is easier and more satisfying than ever. This practical book takes programmers (amateurs and pros alike) on a no-nonsense tour of ES6, along with some related tools and techniques.

Author Ethan Brown (Web Development with Node and Express) not only guides you through simple and straightforward topics (variables, control flow, arrays), but also covers complex concepts such as functional and asynchronous programming. You’ll learn how to create powerful and responsive web applications on the client, or with Node.js on the server.

  • Use ES6 today and transcompile code to portable ES5
  • Translate data into a format that JavaScript can use
  • Understand the basic usage and mechanics of JavaScript functions
  • Explore objects and object-oriented programming
  • Tackle new concepts such as iterators, generators, and proxies
  • Grasp the complexities of asynchronous programming
  • Work with the Document Object Model for browser-based apps
  • Learn Node.js fundamentals for developing server-side applications

Author(s): Ethan Brown

9. CoffeeScript: Accelerated JavaScript Development by Trevor Burnham (2015-02-16) (1749)

CoffeeScript: Accelerated JavaScript Development by Trevor Burnham (2015-02-16) [Trevor Burnham] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Author(s): Trevor Burnham

10. Express in Action: Writing, building, and testing Node.js applications (2016)


Express in Action is a carefully designed tutorial that teaches you how to build web applications using Node and Express.

Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

About the Technology

Express.js is a web application framework for Node.js. Express organizes your server-side JavaScript into testable, maintainable modules. It provides a powerful set of features to efficiently manage routes, requests, and views along with beautiful boilerplate for your web applications. Express helps you concentrate on what your application does instead of managing time-consuming technical details.

About the Book

Express in Action teaches you how to build web applications using Node and Express. It starts by introducing Node’s powerful traits and shows you how they map to the features of Express. You’ll explore key development techniques, meet the rich ecosystem of companion tools and libraries, and get a glimpse into its inner workings. By the end of the book, you’ll be able to use Express to build a Node app and know how to test it, hook it up to a database, and automate the dev process.

What’s Inside

  • Simplify Node app setup with Express
  • Testing Express applications
  • Use Express for easy access to Node features
  • Data storage with MongoDB
  • Covers Express 4 and Express 5 alpha

About the Reader

To get the most out of this book, you’ll need to know the basics of web application design and be proficient with JavaScript.

About the Author

Evan Hahn is an active member of the Node and Express community and contributes to many open source JavaScript projects.

Table of Contents


  1. What is Express?
  2. The basics of Node.js
  3. Foundations of Express
  4. PART 2 CORE

  5. Middleware
  6. Routing
  7. Building APIs
  8. Views and templates: Pug and EJS

  10. Persisting your data with MongoDB
  11. Testing Express applications
  12. Security
  13. Deployment: assets and Heroku
  14. Best practices

Author(s): Evan Hahn

11. Programming in CoffeeScript (Developer’s Library) (2012)

Use CoffeeScript to Write Better JavaScript Code Than Ever Before!


If you can do it in JavaScript, you can do it better in CoffeeScript. And, since CoffeeScript “compiles down” to JavaScript, your code will fit neatly into virtually any web environment. In Programming in CoffeeScript, Mark Bates shows web developers why CoffeeScript is so useful and how it avoids the problems that often make JavaScript code buggy and unmanageable. He guides you through every feature and technique you need to write quality CoffeeScript code and shows how to take advantage of CoffeeScript’s increasingly robust toolset.


Bates begins with the absolute basics of running and compiling CoffeeScript and then introduces syntax, control structures, functions, collections, and classes. Through same page code comparisons, you’ll discover exactly how CoffeeScript improves on JavaScript. Next, you’ll put it to work in building applications that are powerful, flexible, maintainable, concise, reliable, and secure. Bates shares valuable tips for better development, illuminating CoffeeScript’s hidden gems and warning you about its remaining “rough edges.” The book concludes with a start-to-finish application case study showing how to code back-ends and front-ends and integrate powerful frameworks and libraries. Coverage includes

  • Understanding the right ways to compile and execute CoffeeScript
  • Using CoffeeScript’s clean syntax to focus on your code, not JavaScript’s distractions
  • Working with CoffeeScript’s control structures, functions, and arguments
  • Taking full advantage of CoffeeScript’s implementation of collections and iterators
  • Leveraging CoffeeScript’s full class support to create complex data models
  • Automating common application development tasks with Cake and Cakefiles
  • Configuring Jasmine with CoffeeScript support, and using it to systematically test your code
  • Writing Node.js server-side applications in CoffeeScript
  • Using CoffeeScript to write jQuery and Backbone.js applications
  • Integrating framework code to avoid “reinventing the wheel”

Want a better way to create the JavaScript code your web applications need? CoffeeScript is the solution–and this book will help you master it!


Author(s): Mark Bates