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Best APEX Books You Must Read

In this post, we have prepared a curated top list of reading recommendations for beginners and experienced. This hand-picked list of the best Apex books and tutorials can help fill your brain this April and ensure you’re getting smarter. We have also mentioned the brief introduction of each book based on the relevant Amazon or Reddit descriptions.

1. Advanced Apex Programming (2013)

Advanced Apex Programming for Salesforce.com and Force.com is neither a tutorial nor a book for beginners. Intended for developers who are already familiar with the Apex language, and experienced Java and C# developers who are moving to Apex, this book starts where the Force.com documentation leaves off. Instead of trying to cover all of the features of the platform, Advanced Apex programming focuses entirely on the Apex language and core design patterns. You’ll learn how to truly think in Apex – to embrace limits and bulk patterns. You’ll see how to develop architectures for efficient…

Author(s): Dan Appleman

2. Learning Apex Programming (2015)

Create business applications using Apex to extend and improve the usefulness of the Salesforce1 Platform. If you are a developer who has some object-oriented programming experience, Learning Apex Programming is the perfect book for you. This book is most appropriate for developers who wish to gain an understanding of the Force.com platform and how to use Apex to create business applications. Starting with the syntax and common use cases for developing in Salesforce…

Author(s): Matt Kaufman, Michael Wicherski

3. Introduction to Java Programming (2017)

Designed to support an introductory programming course, Introduction to Java Programming and Data Structures, Brief Version teaches you concepts of problem-solving and object-orientated programming using a fundamentals-first approach. As beginner programmers, you learn critical problem-solving techniques then move on to grasp the key concepts of object-oriented, GUI programming, advanced GUI and Web programming using JavaFX. This course approaches Java GUI programming…

Author(s): Y. Daniel Liang

4. Excel VBA Programming For Dummies (2015)

Take your data analysis and Excel programming skills to new heights. In order to take Excel to the next level, you need to understand and implement the power of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). This 4th edition of Excel VBA Programming For Dummies introduces you to a wide array of new Excel options, beginning with the most important tools and operations for the Visual Basic Editor. Inside, you’ll get the lowdown on the essential elements and concepts for programming with Excel…

Author(s): John Walkenbach

5. Excel 2013 Power Programming with VBA (2013)

Maximize your Excel 2013 experience using VBA application development. The new Excel 2013 boasts updated features, enhanced power, and new capabilities. Naturally, that means John Walkenbach returns with a new edition of his bestselling VBA Programming book and covers all the methods and tools you need to know in order to program with Excel. With this comprehensive guide, “Mr. Spreadsheet” shows you how to maximize your Excel experience using professional spreadsheet…

Author(s): John Walkenbach

6. Adobe Photoshop CC Classroom in a Book (2017 release) (2017)

Creative professionals seeking the fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn Adobe Photoshop choose Adobe Photoshop CC Classroom in a Book (2017 release) from Adobe Press. The 15 project-based lessons in this book show users step-by-step the key techniques for working in Photoshop and how to correct, enhance, and distort digital images, create image composites, and prepare images for print and the web. In addition to learning the key elements of the Photoshop interface…

Author(s): Andrew Faulkner, Conrad Chavez

7. Beginning C++ Game Programming (2014)

When it comes to game programming, C++ is the name of the game. If you aspire to move from game player to game creator, it all starts with learning the fundamentals of C++ and game-programming basics. With BEGINNING C++ THROUGH GAME PROGRAMMING, FOURTH EDITION, you will find an up-to-date and thorough introduction to everything you need to get started–with no previous programming experience required. In the new fourth edition of this popular guide to learning C++…

Author(s): Michael Dawson

8. A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript (2014)

Learning JavaScript is hell because of two problems. I remove the problems, and you start having fun. The first problem is retention. You remember only ten or twenty percent of what you read. That spells failure. To become fluent in a computer language, you have to retain pretty much everything. How can you retain everything? Only by constantly being asked to play everything back. That’s why people use flashcards. But my system does flashcards one better. After reading a short chapter, you go to my website and complete twenty interactive exercises.

Author(s): Mark Myers

9. Java Concurrency in Practice (2006)

Threads are a fundamental part of the Java platform. As multicore processors become the norm, using concurrency effectively becomes essential for building high-performance applications. Java SE 5 and 6 are a huge step forward for the development of concurrent applications, with improvements to the Java Virtual Machine to support high-performance, highly scalable concurrent classes and a rich set of new concurrency building blocks. In Java Concurrency in Practice , the creators of these new facilities explain not only how they work…

Author(s): Brian Goetz, Tim Peierls

10. Programming Using Visual Basic (2016)

Schneider’s Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic, Tenth Edition brings continued refinement to a textbook praised in the industry since 1991. A favorite for both instructors and students, Visual Basic 2015 is designed for readers with no prior computer programming experience. Schneider introduces a problem-solving strategy early in the book and revisits it throughout allowing you to fully develop logic and reasoning. A broad range of real-world examples, section-ending exercises, case studies…
Author(s): David I. Schneider

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We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Genesis and download some Apex books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

Oracle Application Express: Build Powerful Data-Centric Web Apps with APEX (Oracle Press)

Author(s): Geller, Arie & Spendolini, Brian
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education, Year: 2017, Size: 36 Mb, Ext: azw3
ID: 2139124

Understanding Oracle APEX 5 Application Development

Author(s): Edward Sciore
Publisher: Apress, Year: 2015, Size: 15 Mb, Ext: pdf
ID: 1406798

Understanding Oracle APEX 5 Application Development, 2nd Edition

Author(s): Edward Sciore
Publisher: Apress, Year: 2015, Size: 15 Mb, Ext: pdf
ID: 1525908

Pro jQuery in Oracle Application Express: Practical techniques to enhance your APEX user interface

Author(s): Scott Wesley
Publisher: Apress, Year: 2015, Size: 11 Mb, Ext: pdf
ID: 1527459

The 5 Seconds of Summer Quiz Book. 100 Questions on the Rock Band

Author(s): Chris Cowlin
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited;Andrews UK;Apex Publishing Limited, Year: 2014, Size: 912 Kb, Ext: epub
ID: 1345436

Maria's Story: A True Story of Survival

Author(s): Barratt, Robin
Publisher: Andrews UK;Apex Publishing Limited, Year: 2014, Size: 1 Mb, Ext: mobi
ID: 2070839

Hands-On Oracle Application Express Security: Building Secure Apex Applications

Author(s): Recx
Publisher: Wiley, Year: 2013, Size: 3 Mb, Ext: pdf
ID: 936796

Hands-On Oracle Application Express Security: Building Secure Apex Applications

Author(s): Recx
Publisher: Wiley, Year: 2013, Size: 7 Mb, Ext: epub
ID: 936797

Oracle APEX Cookbook

Author(s): Marcel Van Der Plas, Michel Van Zoest
Publisher: Packt Publishing, Year: 2013, Size: 12 Mb, Ext: epub
ID: 1496908

Oracle APEX Cookbook

Author(s): Marcel van der Plas, Michel van Zoest
Publisher: Packt Publishing, Year: 2013, Size: 7 Mb, Ext: pdf
ID: 1496909

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