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Automation Conferences and Workshops You Should Attend In 2018

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Delex 2018

Delex stands for Delivery Excellence. Delivery in ‘green’ is dense mixture of best practices and experience. Proper use of Test Automation and DevOps can shift delivery to a new heights. We introduce one-day event filled up with progressive ideas from changemakers and the most inspiring thinkers. Talks on conference will cover different level of Automated Testing, DevOps activities and tools.

CopenhagenContext 2018

CopenhagenContext was founded on December 9th 2013 by Morten Hougaard PrettyGoodTesting, in order to kick-start Context-Driven Testing in Denmark. On December 20th the Forum (this website) was established, by the help of a fellow tester and good friend Huib Schoots, and on January 24th 2014 the first CopenhagenContext conference, and thereby the first conference dedicated to Context-Driven Testing on Danish ground, was held at Tivoli Congress Center downtown Copenhagen.

European Testing Conference 2018

Testing is important. This conference is about getting experts and practitioners together to talk, learn and practice the art of testing. We’re looking into advanced new methods into making our testing more effective, as well as enrich our understanding of fundamental methods to grow a stronger community. We’re tired of conferences that feel more like sales pitches than practitioners sharing the craft. Come. Learn. Do. Teach. Test.

TestBash Brighton 2018

TestBash Brighton is back for its 7th year. And we’re super excited about it! This year it’s a 2-day event with some additional pre-event courses. For the pre-event courses, we will be hosting the premiere of the 3-day ‘Automation in Testing’ course with Richard Bradshaw and Mark Winteringham and another new 1-day ‘Lean Testing’ course with Aaron Hodder. Day 1 is a workshop day, with 10 half-day workshops and a couple of talks magically sprinkled in. Day 2 is a single-track conference consisting of 9 talks and The UnExpo (an attendee-driven expo).

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