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Top-notch ASP.NET MVC Coders, Specialists for Hire in Ukraine

The ASP.NET MVC is a framework that helps with creating web sites and apps by implementing an MVC pattern. In April 2009, the source code for ASP.NET MVC was published under the Microsoft Public License (MS-PL). On March 27, 2012 the license was changed to Apache License 2.0. Currently, ASP.NET MVC 6 is being developed as part of ASP.NET Core; June 27, 2016 the release of version 1.0.0 took place. The MVC (model-view-controller) concept assumes that the application is divided into three components: The controller represents a class that provides a connection between the user and the system, the view, and the data store. It receives user input and processes it. And, depending on the results of processing, sends the user a certain output, for example, in the form of a view. The view is the actual visual part or user interface of the application. Typically, the html-page that the user sees by going to the site. The model represents a class that describes the logic of the data used.

ASP.NET MVC Development Services

ASP.NET MVC Development Services in Ukraine

Need a ASP.NET MVC programmer for your business? You surely came to the relevant people. “EchoUA” provides IT staffing services and project based coding. We pleasantly help you to secure the appropriate dev or a team for remote cooperation. All our developers are accomplished specialists proficient in building custom apps using the latest trends, including ASP DOT NET MVC, Augmented Reality, OpenCV, Sonarqube, SAAS, Apache Kafka, JQuery, PostgreSQL, Dojo, Microsoft, Protractor. You can also choose us as a ASP.NET MVC development company and outsource full-cycle development services to us.


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We help you accelerate your projects by preparing trusted ASP.NET MVC programmers who can participate in your side and rapidly start delivering high-quality service. Contact us and take a look at the profiles of candidates available for employment today.

TOP5 ASP.NET MVC Programmers in November 2018

1 Volodymyr V.,Age: 26, E-mail: v.*@gmail.com,
Skills: Python, JS (Angular 1.x), HTML/CSS, MS (C#), JS (jQuery), SQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL (MongoDB), MS (ASP.NET MVC), AJAX
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2 Viacheslav L.,Age: 32, E-mail: da*@gmail.com,
Skills: JS, Python, HTML/CSS, Java, Bootstrap, JS (Angular 2.x), JS (jQuery), Python (Django), MySQL, NoSQL (MongoDB), Java (Spring), Java (Hibernate), MS (ASP.NET MVC)
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3 Andriyan B.,Age: 32, E-mail: wa*@gmail.com,
Skills: Python, MS (ASP.NET MVC)
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4 Marian M.,Age: 25, E-mail: mo*@gmail.com,
Skills: MS (C#), MS (ASP.NET), MS (ASP.NET MVC)
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5 Oleg l.,Age: 28, E-mail: ln*@gmail.com,
Skills: MS (C#), SQL, MS (ASP.NET MVC)
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The list of ASP.NET MVC coders is based on our applicant tracking system (ATS) data and refreshed constantly.

Questions and Answers related to ASP.NET MVC Development

How does ASP.NET work?

“It uses C# but outputs HTML. How? However, doing this “by hand” would be very inefficient and error prone. Therefore there are many frameworks out there which simplify the creation of HTML and the ASP.NET is one of them. They all more or less provide a framework, where the developer prepairs a template/skeleton of a HTML page and puts special “placeholders” into the template. The other part of the site is then a server code (in this case written in C#), which fetches some data from the database and/or runs some calculations on the data…”

How can I develop a mobile app with ASP.NET MVC?

“There are three kinds of mobile applications you can write: Web/Responsive Sites – Only web technologies are used (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) that responds and adjusts to whatever device you are viewing it on (responsive..see?). Hybrid App – These technologies wrap HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into a Native Shell whether it’s iOS or Android and is published through the app store. ASP.NET MVC wouldn’t work with this type of model…”

What are the top databases for high traffic ASP.NET web applications?

“I would suggest using sqlserver. Probabaly web edition if cost is a concern. However when it comes to high traffic, things like architectire, configuratio, design and indexing do matter a lot. You may also need to use an in memory database like redis for certain functionality to enhance performance…”

How do I use & implement CSS 3 in ASP.NET 4/4.5?

“ASP.NET is a server side technology. CSS is a client side technology. SO ASP .NET is running on your application server that serves pages dynamically (or ‘actively’ since it’s called Active Server Pages. CSS3 is included in the pages your application servers sends, and can be seen as ‘static content’. It is then rendered by a browser when it arrives there. CSS3 has broad browser support so yes it works. And if CSS4 were ever to arrive you could use it without any change necessary in ASP.NET…”

What are the best books to study ASP.NET MVC?

Best ASP.NET MVC Books You Must Read

Consider asking some of these questions during a job interview to assess candidate’s skills.


Big Names Using ASP.NET MVC

What Fortune 500 companies are using ASP.NET MVC in production among other popular technologies? A good example is Daimler (www.daimler.com).

Home | Daimler. Information on Daimler AG, our products, innovations, sustainability, careers and investor relations.

Also, big brands use Apache Spark, Neo4j, NopCommerce, Plone, Laravel.

Typical Programming Projects and Tasks for ASP.NET MVC Developers

.NET MVC Development Project. Developer Must Have To Have UI

What the deliverable is: - An asp.net CORE (C#) application (SQL Backend) - Must have Role Based Access Control implemented ( so that roles can be applied to specific controllers and beyond) - UI ... (United Kingdom)

.net With MVC

Candidate should have at least 5 yrs experience into .Net Should have hands on experience into MVC Pay attention to details. Ability to Implement high-quality code and test the same. Exposure to ... (India)

Need Expert Web Dev To Complete Single Page App Using

I need a developer to help complete development of a single page application. I need someone with the following experience: ASP.Net MVC ASP.Net WebAPI DevExtreme KnockoutJS TypeScript ... (New Zealand)

Web API Creation In MVC Dotnet For Shopping Cart And Order

Hi, Need to create WebAPI for shopping cart and order processing for grocery products. 1. WebAPI to be created for Outlet - distributor order process. 2. Database to be created for shopping and ... (India)

These results are based on the freelance ASP.NET MVC jobs extracted from Upwork in November 2018.

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