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ASP.NET Developer Salary in the US and UK compare to Ukraine

ASP.NET Developer Salary in the US

The average ASP.NET programmer salary in the US is $91,000 per year. Entry level positions start at $70,000 while most experienced programmers make up to $125,000. These statistics are based on the salaries parsed from job descriptions in January 2018. The most of the developers are needed now in: Chicago, IL, Washington, DC, New York, NY

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Recent ASP.NET Jobs in the US

1 Software Developer Design, develop, test and maintain a suite of payroll applications written using various Microsoft technologies including ASP.NET MVC, C#, HTML5/CSS,...

2 Computer Programmer Cyber As a part of a dynamic team support the research, development, and technology services necessary to support scientific and technological innovation in a...

3 Senior Software Developer We are in the process of filling open positions for the combined company following CenturyLink's acquisition of Level 3 Communications. All qualified...

4 Software Developer - Mid Level In anticipation of contract award, Technologies, a 100% employee-owned company, is currently seeking qualified IT professionals to support USASMDC/ARSTRAT...

5 Lead Software Developer As a lead software developer in the Payroll Solutions team, you will lead complex projects and ensure the success of enterprise-level application roll outs....

ASP.NET Developer Salary in the UK

The average ASP.NET consultant salary in the United Kingdom is £36,000 per year. Junior level positions start at £25,000 while most experienced developers make up to £65,000. These numbers are based on the salaries extracted from job descriptions in January 2018. The most of the developers are required today in: London, Berkshire, Manchester

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Recent ASP.NET Jobs in the UK

1 Business Intelligence Lead-Birkenhead-£50,000 I'm working with a company based in Birkenhead who are in the Retail Industry and work on digital rewards services. The company have a major transformation...


3 Full Stack Developer A well-established Mayfair based Hedge Fund is actively looking for a bright Full-Stack C#.NET Developer to join small technology team delivering an in-house...

4 Senior Software Developer About us Launched in 2012, is an international FinTech company providing end-to-end e-commerce solutions for payments on the Internet. Built on...

5 Graduate Software Developer and Support Analyst We also take our responsibility to the wider community seriously by making charitable donations to worthy causes and being one of the only telecoms companies to...

The True Cost of Hiring an In-house vs Remote ASP.NET Developer in Ukraine

Often hiring managers face the “in-house vs outsource” problem. The biggest mistake CTOs, CEOs, and startup founders make when hiring (and comparing) coders is: they ignore the embedded costs. Actually, there are numerous and substantial costs involved in hiring and maintaining employees. An in-house developer (or any worker) is always more expensive than his salary when you factor in embedded costs which aren’t reflected in the employee’s salary:

  • employee benefits (+10%)
  • administration and infrastructure (+10%)
  • paid leaves (+10%)
  • training (+5%)
  • management (+5%)
  • recruitment (+10%)

The outsourcing vendor has the same embedded costs (though maybe in less amounts). The only difference is it had already factored these costs into its price quote. So, let’s take a fresh look at the adjusted (salary + 50%) numbers.

PeriodUS vs UkraineUK vs Ukraine
1 dev/m$11,375$3,200£4,500£2,400
1 dev/y$136,500$38,400£54,000£28,800
10 devs/m$113,750$32,000£45,000£24,000
10 devs/y$1,365,000$384,000£540,000£288,000
US = United States, UK = United Kingdom
In this scenario, outsourcing to Ukraine is the most cost-effective choice.

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