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Selected Apache Kafka Coders, Engineers for Hire in Ukraine

Apache Kafka is an open-source project, a distributed streaming platform, capable of handling trillions of events per day. Standing between a producer and a consumer, it collects a data from a producer, keeps it in distributed storage sorted by the topic and distributes consumer by the subscription. The communication between the clients and the servers is carried out using a simple high-performance protocol TCP. Kafka is a combination of distributed database and a message queue. It was initially developed by LinkedIn and written in Scala programming language taking into account performance, availability and scalability. It is used as a messaging basis in LinkedIn to create real-time data streams and streaming apps. Apache Kafka provides such opportunities as publishing and subscribing to the records streams, processing record streams as they appear and keep the record of streams in a fault-tolerant manner. Kafka is good for creating streaming data in real time which reliably receive data between systems or applications and developing streaming applications in real time which convert or respond to data streams. It is fault tolerant and works in production in thousands of companies.

Apache Kafka Development Services

Apache Kafka Development Services in Ukraine

Need a Apache Kafka programmer for your business? You surely came to the appropriate provider. “Echo Ukraine” offers IT staffing services and project based programming. We pleasantly help you to find the proper dev or a team for remote collaboration. All our programmers are accomplished specialists experienced in building custom-built apps using the latest trends, including APACHE KAFKA, Augmented Reality, Firebase, Meteor, Flask, Facebook API, Requirejs, Laravel, Hybris, Phalcon, React. You can also select us as a Apache Kafka development company and delegate full-cycle development services to us.


  • Greatest Ukrainian experts with over 3 yrs of business experience.
  • Talent retention best methods to make sure your programmers stay happy.
  • Personal client managers to assure smooth collaboration.
  • Flexible agreement with predictable bi-weekly payments.

We help you execute your ideas by providing trusted Apache Kafka developers who can participate in your forces and promptly start delivering top-notch code. Get in touch with us and take a look at the profiles of candidates available for employment at the moment.

TOP5 Apache Kafka Programmers in November 2018

1 Yaroslav D.,Age: 31, E-mail: ya*@gmail.com,
Skills: JS, Java, JS (jQuery), Scala, NoSQL (MongoDB), Kafka
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2 Hryhorii P.,Age: 32, E-mail: g.*@gmail.com,
Skills: Java, Scala, Kafka
Contact Us to Get the Full CV (ID 552725)

3 Ruslan S.,Age: 32, E-mail: ru*@gmail.com,
Skills: Java, Scala, NoSQL (MongoDB), Kafka
Contact Us to Get the Full CV (ID 604853)

4 Olya K.,Age: 27, E-mail: ol*@ukr.net,
Skills: Scala, MySQL, Kafka
Contact Us to Get the Full CV (ID 600843)

5 Timofey P.,Age: 32, E-mail: tp*@gmail.com,
Skills: Python, C++, Kafka, Kubernetes
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The rating of Apache Kafka coders is based on our applicant tracking system (ATS) information and refreshed day by day.

Questions and Answers related to Apache Kafka Development

Can Apache Kafka be used as a backend for a real-time chatting system?

“As Apache Kafka is primarily uses data streaming as a messaging system. You can use Kafka as an intermediate pipe which can store messages to be retried or broadcasted to a group. Here is how I think you can do it in that way. User A sends a message intended for User B. The message is pushed to Kafka queue. The consumer will retrieve the message from the queue, and try to deliver to B, if succeeds then B receives the message…”

How can Apache Kafka get data from files in remote file system, instead of databases?

“You can use many different tools to read the file and publish it to a remote Kafka cluster. Kafka Provides API which can be used to define Custom Producer and Consumers as per the need of the application or data source/sink of the application. Kafka includes four core apis…”

How do you use Apache Kafka in your application (if you do)?

“We chose Apache Kafka due to its easy-to-understand design concepts, easy-to-implement scalability through clustering, and great performance. We use it as the main buffer in our system where every event from every source is stored until our near-real-time processing system (based on Apache Storm) consumes the event and ships it to the data warehouse.”

What category of applications does Apache Kafka fall into?

“Apache Kafka is publish-subscribe messaging rethought as a distributed commit log. It can be used as a fast persistent queue as a particular case. It is a distributed system, with replication, high availability, and so on. Typical usages include enterprise level messaging bus where all asynchronous communication is centralized and kept for a few weeks in case the events need replaying, reprocessing.”

What are the most interesting books?

Best Books to Learn Apache Kafka

Consider asking some of these questions during a job interview to assess candidate’s skills.

Roche Group

Big Names Using Apache Kafka

What Fortune 500 companies are using Apache Kafka in production among other popular technologies? A good example is Roche Group (www.roche.com).

Roche – Doing now what patients need next. As a pioneer in healthcare, we have been committed to improving lives since the company was founded in 1896 in Basel, Switzerland. Today, Roche creates innovative medicines and diagnostic tests that help millions of patients globally.

Also, big brands use YII, Vaadin, .NET, ADO.NET, RoR.

Typical Programming Projects and Tasks for Apache Kafka Developers

Full Stack Java-Angular 4 Developer

• We’re looking for a Full Stack developer who will take a key role on our team. • Our Full Stack developer must have knowledge in all stages of software development, fronted and backend. • ... (United States)

Backend Developer (Java)

We are well founded company and we have ongoing projects and we keep needing more and more experienced developers to join us, please submit your application and we can start from there, thanks. • ... (United States)

Golang Developer

Looking for Individual Golang Developer (Please share your total experience and Projects) Enhanced, fixed functional and performance related bugs in core product written in GO (Golang). • ... (India)

Need A Sr. Big Data Engineer On T&M Basis

Requirements - You are based in Bangalore - Willing to work in our coworking space (flexible options) in Bangalore - Must have at least 4 years experience in Java - Strong Object oriented ... (Singapore)

These results are based on the freelance Apache Kafka jobs extracted from Upwork in November 2018.

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