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Top AngularJS Coders, Developers for Hire in Ukraine

It is an open source JavaScript framework developed by Google. Designed to develop one-page applications that consist of a single HTML page with CSS and JavaScript. The goal is to expand browser-based applications based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) template, as well as simplify testing and development. The framework works with an HTML page that contains additional attributes and links the input or output areas of a page with a model that is the usual JavaScript variable. The values of these variables are set manually or obtained from static or dynamic JSON data. The framework adapts and extends traditional HTML to provide duplex data binding for dynamic content, which allows you to automatically synchronize the model and appearance. As a result, AngularJS reduces the role of DOM manipulations to improve productivity and simplify testing. This an open source framework is designed with the censure that declarative programming is best suited for building user interfaces and describing software components, while imperative programming fits into the description of business logic.

Angular Development Services

Angular Development Services

Need an Angular.js programmer for your business? You definitely came to the right people. EchoUA provides IT staffing services and project based development. We pleasantly help you to get the best worker or a team for remote cooperation. All our coders are accomplished specialists skilled in developing custom applications using the latest technologies, including ANGULARJS, Meteor, Codeigniter, Unity, APEX, Sonarqube, Phonegap, Delphi, Sinatra, SSIS, PostgreSQL. You can also hire us as an Angular development company and outsource full-cycle development services to us.


  • Vetted Ukrainian experts with over 4 years of commercial experience.
  • Employee retention leading methods to make sure your coders stay happy.
  • Committed account managers to assure effective cooperation.
  • Flexible model with simple monthly invoicing.

We help you execute projects by providing reliable Angular.js coders who can join your firm and rapidly start delivering high-quality service. Contact us and check out the CVs of software engineers available for hire right now. Also, you can read “Angular Developer Salary in the US and UK compare to Ukraine” to reveal the true cost of hiring.

TOP5 AngularJS Programmers in July 2018

1 Oleg K.,Age: 26, E-mail: ko*@gmail.com,
Skills: PHP (Laravel), HTML/CSS, Full Stack (PHP/JS), JS (Angular 2.x), SQL
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2 Sergey Z.,Age: 24, E-mail: zo*@gmail.com,
Skills: HTML/CSS, Full Stack (PHP/JS), JS (Angular 2.x)
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3 Markian T.,Age: 31, E-mail: ts*@gmail.com,
Skills: HTML/CSS, Full Stack (PHP/JS), Bootstrap, JS (Angular 2.x), JSON, AJAX
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4 Andrii R.,Age: 31, E-mail: ro*@gmail.com,
Skills: PHP (Symfony), HTML/CSS, Full Stack (PHP/JS), JS (Angular 2.x)
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5 Valentyn S.,Age: 29, E-mail: st*@gmail.com,
Skills: JS, JS (Angular 1.x), JS (React), PHP (Zend), Full Stack (PHP/JS), JS (Angular 2.x), PHP (Yii)
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The toplist of AngularJS coders is based on our applicant tracking system (ATS) data and updated on a daily basis.

Questions and Answers related to Angular Development

Without any jargon, what really is the benefit of Angular.js?

if_Business_Benefits_1106101“Frameworks like Angular make your life easier when you’re writing large-scale applications. The biggest benefit that I have seen from Angular, as opposed to JQuery, is the combination of modularity, clean services architecture, and dependency injection. I’ve spent a lot of my time working as a Java developer, and I will always advocate for Java and Spring over plain Java because it allows you to build more with substantially fewer lines of code, and reduces maintenance time…”

Can we use Laravel and Angular both to build a web app?

if_laravel-2048-black_167609“100%, Laravel and Angular work quite well together, add in bootstrap and you have 3 great frameworks that can help you build a great single page or regular app in no time, for the routes you can use Laravels regular route controllers, Both Laravel and Angular use the double curly brackets. Blade comes with a way to change the tags though so if you want to keep the Angular syntax default, then use this method and add the code in routes.php…”

What are some time-saving tips every AngularJS user should know?

if_marketing-and-business-outline-14_2039189“Do not architect your app and its operations according to the DOM. If you are thinking in terms of jQuery, forget everything you know. Think in terms of data and it’s natural structure and “wire” this data to the $scope. Let Angular handle the DOM and data-binding for you. Don’t fight it, and you will be set free. Let the state of the data drive the presentation of the DOM…”

How does the Angular.js compiler work?

if_Know_how_2909083“An AngularJS, сompiling is a step in the process of rendering the markup which attaches functionality to the DOM elements. Its steps include replacing the directive element with its template, creating a scope, attaching events to various elements within the directive and setting up watches to check for changes inside of the scope and do something when they occur. The compile function runs in 2 general steps are called Compilation and Linking…”

What are the most interesting Angular books?

Best Angular Books to Master the Technology

Consider asking some of these questions during a job interview to assess candidate’s skills.

BAE Systems

Big Names Using AngularJS

What Fortune 500 companies are using AngularJS in production among other popular technologies? A good example is BAE Systems (www.baesystems.com).

We provide some of the world’s most advanced, technology-led defence, aerospace and security solutions and employ a skilled workforce of some 83,100 people in over 40 countries. Working with customers and local partners, we develop, engineer, manufacture and support products and systems to deliver military capability, protect national security and people and keep critical information and infrastructure secure.

Also, big brands use ASP.NET MVC, MongoDB, Sitecore, Meteor, Laravel.

Typical Programming Projects and Tasks for Angular Developers

Angular2 Module Installation

I am looking for two modules to be installed into an Angular2 project I am having trouble with. They should not take very long. I am using a systemjs file. The first module is: ... (United States)

Agile Coach (Scrum)

We need an Agile Coach to assist our team in moving from Kanban to Scrum/Scrumban. Our Senior QA is taking on more of the following responsibilities and would like someone to turn to for advice: ... (Australia)

App Required For Food Delivery And Logistics

App for chinese market, need to be able to switch if neccessary to logistics usage when neccessary or used for both. Development required from the start is building the basic app. simple ui but able ... (United Kingdom)

Angular Expert Who Can Develop Platform From Template

In the process of developing a new platform. The platform needs to be modern. Allow users to edit, delete and add text and images without loading the webpage. Please have a good understanding of ... (United States)

Angular/Laravel/ReactJS Full Stack Developers

We are seeking full stack web developers to work on various web and marketing projects. We especially need somebody who can develop Angular/Laravel Projects For example, I'd like to setup a very ... (United States)

Clinic Mobile Application - Ionic 3 & Firebase

Features: - Load all data from Firebase, nothing static within the app, example: Clinic Name, Doctors, About the clinic, and contact details are all loaded from Firebase fields. - Email composer php ... (United Arab Emirates)

Seeking Responsive CSS Specialist For Angular Web App

Need ongoing project-to-project assistance refining our existing web interface and converting it for formatting on mobile web browsers. Must have superior expertise in responsive CSS, be available to ... (United States)

User Management Component For Angular 2 And Auth0(zero)

I need a simple component to pull my users from auth0 API, my site is up and running users may login with auth0, but I now want to manage my users (block, delete, give admin rights), I can't seem to ... (United States)

Web Developer Needed For Simple Website Builder Service

Hello, I'm searching for a web developer to develop a very basic website builder. It consists of a service offered to clients. Every website is composed of 4-5 standard sections. The user will be ... (Italy)

Fully Stacked Dev

Hello do you like api's and Plugins? PHP, MYSQL, LAMP Stack micro services, modules, creation and integration? If so this might be the job for you. Seeking a long term development arrangement for ... (United States)

***LONG TERM POSITION*** Looking For An App Developer To

Hello Freelancers! We're looking for an app developer to start this project from scratch. The specifications will be discussed after the selection of the perfect candidate. First, you'll be ... (Chile)

Want To Make CRM To Manage Sales And Marketing Related Leads

I want to make CRM for our company which is for manage data and leas of sales and marketing. Development skill - C#, ASP.Net, in depth knowledge on sql server or oracle, LINQ, entity framework, ... (India)

These results are based on the freelance Angular jobs extracted from Upwork in July 2018.

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