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About Us


Since the dawn of Echo establishment in 2013, our clientele list has included a huge variety of businesses and NGOs: from one man band startups to international corporations. We believe our dynamic growth and advancement are the reflection of our commitment to achieve remarkable results for our clients. The groundwork of Echo is based on 3 I’s: integrity, intelligence and innovation.

We stand out from the crowd with our approach and vision – we don’t sign in for so-so project concepts under any terms just to keep the money-making machine going turned on. And we prefer the evidence and expertise-based truth to giving fake appreciations. That’s why so many people become our partners for years. We do not compensate the resources deficit only, but also represent a trustworthy company producing expandable, dynamically adaptable to business reality and time-proof solutions.


2013The company was founded in May 2013 by Lyubomyr Reverchuk and the first 3 employees were hired. Providing web development and internet marketing services for the local clients in Ukraine we started a long journey to find our niche.

2014The first large Ukrainian and Russian companies like the IDS Group or Sberbank were landed during this period, but in December 2014 we made a tough decision to focus on the international market and build new relations with clients from North America, Europe and Australia only.

2015We started the development of an interesting and complicated payment solution for a UK-based company using Python and built a great dedicated team (7 people) for this project. We also created our first mobile app this year.

2016Echo set up new dedicated teams of developers for a few digital agencies and startups from the US, UK, Canada and Sweden. More than 80% of our projects are long-term.

2017At the beginning of the year, 30 people milestone reached. One of our most loyal partners is with us for more than 3 years, set of new technologies was added to our expertise and 92% overall employee retention rate achieved.