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7 Brilliant Ways to Build an Email List

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Email marketing can be highly effective with an ROI of nearly $38 for every $1 spent. This is why the smartest companies in the world get into email marketing. Building an opt-in list for your email marketing campaigns may be an arduous task. However, once built, the list can be a strong marketing tool that you can leverage for product and feature launches, sales promotions, word-of-mouth marketing, etc. Here are 20 highly effective ways in which you can build a good email subscriber list.

1. Use Website Sign-Up Forms

if_browser_internet_layout_online_website__966974A sign-up form on the website is the oldest and still the most effective way to build an email list. In order to build a list, just create a tiny sign-up form, with fields for first name, last name, and email address, on the sidebar of your website. It has been found that a popup with the signup form can also be effective; ensure the popup doesn’t open a new window that can affect user experience.

2. Giveaways

if_7_Gift_gift_box_surprise_gift_3009192Many web-based companies give away documents such as whitepapers research reports, and brochures in response to the subscription to their email newsletters. Build a resource center within the website and track the people downloading your resources by providing a form to download and subscribe to the newsletter.

3. Invitations

if_wedding_black_32-76_2715377You can send subscription invitations to people at various occasions, such as a birthday party, anniversary, or an event. Create simple cards with details of the newsletter and a form that the invitee can fill out to subscribe to the newsletter. People may be tempted to sign up when they see the value.

4. Social Media Sharing

if_computer_tablet_mobile_devices_257572Make it easy for people to find your information by providing social media sharing buttons within your emails. This helps your readers share your emails so that it reaches more people, who may turn into subscribers. Most email marketing platforms also provide web-based versions of your emails. In these web-based versions, you can incorporate a signup form so that anyone who sees the web-based mail can sign up easily.

5. Conduct a Contest

if_SEO_Contest_302283An online contest can be a way to promote your email content and encourage people to sign up. Try to distribute a free giveaway as part of the contest and make the email subscription a necessary step to be part of the contest. Encourage people to sign up on the contest by telling them that further details of the contest will be available upon subscription to the email newsletter.

6. Create a Useful Online Tool

if_pen_tool_create_2492440Simple online tools, such as broadband speed test, temporary email generator, GIF generator, etc., can be used to build email lists. Create some tools that people will find useful, and have them sign up on the newsletter to use the tool.

7. Reward Loyal Email Readers

if_reward_105449Create special promotions and distribute goodies to your email list subscribers. Publicize this on your website by creating exclusive email offers, prompting more people to sign up to get the offer.

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