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7 Apps for a Stress-Free Road Trip

It’s the perfect time of year to take a road trip! Whether it’s to see friends and family, or for a relaxing vacation, these seven apps will help you stay one step ahead of traffic problems and ensure you always know where to find the next stop for essentials such as gas, food, and accommodation. Remember, don’t download or use apps while driving.

1) Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers helps you to plot your journey using Google Maps simply enter your starting point and destination. You also can input various parameters, such as what sort of attractions you’re interested in, the kinds of restaurants you like, and how far off your route you’re willing to go. You’ll notice virtual pins pop up on the map, along with suggestions of places you might like to visit and reviews of the locations from other app users. Roadtrippers is ideal for individuals who love to plan every step of their journey meticulously, you can save your itinerary to your smartphone for maximum convenience. All your journeys will synch automatically across different devices, for maximum convenience.

2) TuneIn Radio

An app for music lovers Tuneln Radio offers over 100,000 different radio stations, as well as an extensive list of podcasts, concerts, and even talk shows. You can also get customized news updates, sports scores, and the latest traffic alerts. This app allows you to create a unique profile, then explore, follow, and share your favorite stations, artists and podcasts. The home page displays a list of shows and episodes you may want to catch up on, ensuring you’ll never miss your favorite show again. You also have the option to click an “echo” button (similar to the “like” button on Facebook) that shows friends and followers what type of content you’ve been enjoying lately.

3) Maps.Me

This app allows you to download maps of almost any place in the world and access them even without a Wi-Fi connection or data. It’ll help you save money on data roaming charges, and you’ll never be lost again! With a couple of taps you can easily see how big the maps are before you download them; some are fairly small, while others run to hundreds of megabytes. Once you’ve downloaded the map, you can use it offline anytime. It has a search function to find places of interest, which you can then bookmark for future viewing. You can also plot routes from A to B, using the Route Finder function with GPS enabled. Other useful features include the ability to share your location with friends via email or text message, and the app also has a compass and GPS positioning built in. The maps are frequently updated by thousands of users, so they’re highly accurate and detailed – you can even search for ATMs and gas stations.

4) Honk

Honk provides breakdown assistance when you need it. There’s no monthly or yearly fee; you pay for services when you require them. Simply input your particular problem, such as a dead battery, flat tire, or empty fuel tank, and a towing service will be dispatched to you immediately. What’s more, it will cost you much less than other companies such as AAA, and the truck is likely to be with you faster, usually in about half the standard waiting time. Honk has enjoyed phenomenal success since its launch in 2014, and already has 35,000 tow trucks in its network.

5) Gas Buddy

Frequent fuel stops are an unavoidable part of any road trip, but Gas Buddy takes all the hard work out of finding a place to fill up. It lets you search for gas stations with the cheapest prices, or by state or ZIP code. Prices and locations are frequently updated by Gas Buddy members, who earn reward points for sharing information. Gas Buddy also has a website with lots of features including trip cost calculators and tips on how to save money on gas.

6) Roomer Travel

The Roomer Travel app allows travelers to sell hotel bookings that they can’t use or no longer need. This app is great for both parties: you get a convenient hotel room at a discounted price, and the person selling avoids losing money when they can’t make use of the booking. When you decide to buy a room, the app will ensure the reservation is transferred to your name and send you a confirmation once it’s complete; all you have to do is check in the usual way. If your own travel plans change, and you find yourself no longer needing a room you’ve booked, it’s equally easy to sell your booking. Simply submit a few details through the app and they’ll advertise it for you and update all the details with the hotel or booking agency once it’s sold. This is a must-have app for finding or selling hotel rooms at short notice.

7) Open Table

Open Table is a long-running favorite for finding and booking restaurants all over the world. With this app you’re able to browse places to eat, along with sample menus, photos, and reviews from other Open Table users. You can see exactly what times the restaurant has an available opening, then book your table quickly and easily with a couple of taps. If you use the app regularly, you’ll earn reward points which can be exchanged to save money on restaurant visits. Bookings are automatically saved to your Google Calendar, and you will be sent a reminder on the day. Using Open Table means you’ll never be at a loss for a place to eat while on your trip or have to deal with ringing restaurants to reserve a table, only to discover they’re booked up.

This selection of handy apps will help you stay organized, entertained, and one step ahead of any problems that may crop up along the way. They take all the hassle out of finding the basics such as food and gas in unfamiliar areas and ensure you don’t miss anything along the way, allowing you to create truly unique memories of your adventure.

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    My husband and I travel all the time and we thought we had a pretty good handle on it all. We have a camper so need to get Roomer Travel but Road Trippers and Maps.me will save us in data roaming. If only there was an app to keep my twin 5 year olds occupied, it would sell like hot cakes.

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