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5 Ways to Get Users Instantly Engaged in Your App

There are millions of apps on the market, so making yours stand out against competitors is crucial to its success. The way you present your app to new users will determine its ability to engage users. Happy users become long-term users who keep your app installed on their mobile device. Here are some ways you can engage your users and improve your app’s success.

1) List Why Users Should Download the App

if_1_app_download_app-download_apps_1314825All app stores give you plenty of real estate to create a detailed narrative and overview for your app. Users browsing the store will see your app’s image and then read the description to find out what it does. This section is where you sell them on your app’s unique way of solving problems. Think of why users would use your app, and then list these benefits in its description.

You should have a solution to a problem in mind when you build your app because that’s what sells your app to your users. A bullet-point list is even better, as it stands out and gives a line-by-line explanation of your app’s benefits.

2) Keep the Introduction Short

if_message_1107604After users download and install it on their mobile device, they usually see an introduction. The preface can be useful for new users, but it should be brief. It also should let users opt to skip the intro altogether because some users will uninstall your app and reinstall it later.

Even a complex app should have few introduction screens. You want users to be able to navigate through your app just to review it and see how it works. Appeal to their curiosity by allowing them to see the app right away and offering more detailed instructions later.

3) Keep Them Invested in Your App

if_04_In_alt_106241Users often view your app, let it sit on their smartphone for a month, and then delete it because they never use it. You should find a way to engage users by collecting data or offering awards of some kind.

One way to do so is by asking users to set up a profile. In your profile module, users add their name and location, along with any social media links they can share with other members. With this method, you can build a community for your members.

Other app developers use awards to keep users coming back, most frequently with gaming apps. Users wait a specified amount of time after building their character, and they win an in-app item. Users can also buy these products, but forcing them to win things generates interest in your app and keeps them coming back.

4) Provide Instructions as Users Move Between Screens

if_management_557902In addition to a brief, post-installation introduction, your app can include context menus that offer further details and instructions for users as they navigate through your app. The help menu should be intuitive and easy to find on your app screens. You can provide a question mark icon or just display a help window when the user first accesses individual components of your app.

You should combine the help menu with the introduction element. The presentation tells the user how to find more help, and the user can then quickly find information. You don’t want your users stuck and frustrated in your app because it leads to a loss in engagement.

5) Provide Feedback and Connect Emotionally

if_transfer-arrows_1095010Users like to feel connected to apps, and you can keep them engaged by offering feedback. This concept is especially important for gaming apps. Telling the user that they’ve succeeded or did something right will maintain active engagement. It’s hard to imagine, but there is a psychological component when creating successful apps. Your users should always feel that they are working and interacting with an app that provides feedback as they work through each solution.

Keep Users Updated

You will always have users that uninstall your app. You can re-engage using newsletters and updates. Many app developers work with email updates, so any user that left can come back later. It’s not easy finding the right marketing for your app, but once you have the user engaged, you can build a good reputation among your users and let that reputation do much of the marketing for you through word-of-mouth.

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  1. Kyle Manning
    May 4, 2018 at 7:58 am

    Nice, makes me think of some of the things I like when I download a new app. I can say for sure #1 and #4 are the most important for me when downloading something from the app store. #1, why do I need this, and #4 once I’ve gotten it how do I use it! Lol I’ve had to delete a few photo apps before because I couldn’t figure out how to operate it. Will definitely be bookmarking this page, I have an idea for something I want to develop.

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