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5 Reasons to Buy an Existing Website Instead of Creating a New One

With so much competition, building a web presence is time-consuming and a long-term venture. If you have a little extra cash to spend, you can skip all the difficulty nuances associated with a new website and buy an existing website. Not only can you start making cash right away but you can also start with a site that already has visibility in the search engines.

Aged Domain Name

if_domain_name_extension_2366888As a website ages it builds trust in search engines. The Google “trust” factor is an SEO term given to an aged domain as long as the domain has not committed any serious violations. As long as the domain has a good history, it builds trust in search engine algorithms. Trusted domains are given a higher boost than a new domain, because the aged domain has established traffic patterns and backlinks from satisfied users.


Established Content

if_SEO_C_50_09.12.14-1_Artboard_30_407948 (1)It takes time for search engines to evaluate and rank content. New content gets an initial boost, but then it ranks naturally after data is gathered. The site owner has to market the content to improve its rank slowly. Established content usually ranks better, because people have linked to it, referred it to other readers, and the content has already been evaluated by search engine algorithms. When you buy a website, you buy all of its content, so you already have content ready instead of creating your own. You must still build on the site after purchasing it, but the content already written helps you maintain a web presence.

You Buy Current Customers

if_buy_103428For ecommerce sites, the site owner sells you not only the website, but you also get the site’s customer list. A database of customers is a goldmine. You can use this list to send marketing emails or newsletters to gain revenue on return customers. A customer list also helps you gather statistics so you can figure out how to tackle marketing the new site.


Completed Programming and Site Customizations

if_Clouds_Servers-20_411103Even if you decide to use WordPress, which is notoriously simple to set up, you still need to buy a theme, customize the site, and apply plug-ins to the new website. If you don’t have the coding skills you need to hire someone. When you buy an existing website, the site is generally complete. You might have some additional customizations you want to make, but the site’s coding is generally complete for it to operate after the sale.


Instant Income

if_income_1_143004If the website you buy is already monetized, you start with a site that’s already making money. Of course, you need to maintain the site and keep adding fresh content to generate more income. However, you start with a website that is already earning. It’s still no guarantee that the website will succeed in the future, but at least you start out with a revenue-generating site and don’t need to build up income from a new website.

Buying an existing domain is a great way to start earning income immediately. Of course, you need some cash to buy a site that is already earning, but the site’s current income will supplement what you spent. Make sure you do some background checks on the site before purchasing it. Check the site’s backlinks, verify the income, and check the website’s history to ensure it hasn’t broken any search engine guidelines. With some due diligence and a few extra bucks, you can start earning money immediately after the sale.

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