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5 Free iPhone Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

One of the best things you can do with your iPhone is to load it up with apps that make your life easier. These apps run the gamut from simple to-do list managers to ones that can help manage your online purchases.

  1. Easilydo

Any.do (6)EasilyDo is an effective personal assistant. It can interact with a wide variety of services, such as Facebook, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail. It can automate a lot of things, such as adding a person who just emailed you to your address book, or tracking your package when a delivery ID appears in your email. It can even automate “happy birthday” posts if you want. It can even send texts for you when you leave an area, informing the related parties of your current position. The only bad thing about the app is that it only works on iPhones.

  1. Evernote

EvernoteEvemote allows you to stay productive even when you’re traveling. It is a powerful app that allows you to manage a large number of files, including voice memos and videos, all from the device of your choice. Your files are kept on a cloud. Evernote takes care of which versions are which and allows for offline access by saving your files locally, if you expect to find yourself without an Internet connection. The best part is that it works across multiple platforms, which means that you can synchronize it with your Windows computer, should the need arise.

  1. Any.do

Any.doAny.do is a powerful task-management app that allows you to make to-do lists to help you manage your day. Its best feature is called the “Any.do moment”, which reminds you, at times and days you set, to check your to-do list. This allows you to get into the habit of reviewing your to-do list, which can help you make sure that you didn’t forget to do anything. Interestingly, it also suggests other apps that you can use to accomplish the tasks you have in front of you.

  1. Asana

AsanaAsana is task-management tool with a twist – it allows you to coordinate with up to 30 other people. It allows you to have up-to-date information on what your collaborators are working on and how far they’ve progressed. This allows users to keep track of what else needs to be done and whether it is all being done on time. It has alerts and badges to help you keep track of what else is in your to-do list. It also tells you how much email you have pending since you last looked at your email account. It has both a mobile and web app.

  1. Dashlane

DashlaneThis app is fantastic for people who have a lot of personal items to monitor. It functions as a password manager and a digital wallet backup, among other things. Any information from online purchases is automatically saved, so there’s no need to keep checking your email. It’s a solid app that makes online shopping and surfing easy and safe.

These apps are fantastic for people with so much to do that they need help managing their tasks. The less time you use up simply managing your to-do list, the more time you have to accomplish everything on it.

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