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5 Details You Should Not Share on Facebook

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5 Details You Should Not Share on Facebook

Facebook is all about sharing, but that does not mean you should share everything with the social media giant. Feel free to post your favorite photos, connect with old friends and chat with those you love, but avoid sharing these 5 details. You never know who is looking and it is better to be safe than sorry.

#1. Your Phone Number

Including your telephone number on Facebook is a very bad idea, so make sure your profile does not include it. If your phone number is on Facebook, you could be inundated with calls from telemarketers, charitable organizations and others who want to get your money and interrupt your daily life.

#2. Your Physical Address

Putting your home address on Facebook is like drawing the bad guys a map to your home. Your close friends already know where you live, and the rest of the world has no need to know.

Be sure to check your Facebook profile and make sure it does not include any information about where you live. It is easy to slip up and include this information, and if it is there you need to remove it right away.

#3. Details or Opinions About Your Job

It can be tempting to take to Facebook and vent about your job and your boss, but doing so could yet you fired. The news is filled with stories of now former employees who took to social media to talk about their jobs and the companies they once worked for. These Facebook related firings have affected everyone from high government officials to low level fast food workers. That means no one is immune, and you should tread carefully when going online.

If you must complain about your job, do so in person or on the phone. Feel free to call your best friend or someone who can commiserate and understand what you are feeling. You may end up with some great advice, and you will get to keep your job.

#4. Information About Your Children and Their After School Activities

Bragging about your kids is a popular Facebook pastime, but be careful how much information you share. Sharing too much about your children and their after school activities could put their security at risk, so keep your brags general and avoid sharing information about future plans.

If your kids have their own Facebook pages, be sure they understand the rules of the online road. Make sure your kids do not share their personal details, and always monitor their pages and delete any personal information they put there.

#5. Your Date of Birth

Getting birthday wishes is a lot of fun, but you should not include your full date of birth on your Facebook page. The only thing the bad guys need to steal your identity and wreck your financial life is your Social Security number and your date of birth. Armed with that information, they could open credit cards in your name, take out loans and put you deep in debt.

If you cannot live without those birthday greetings, you can share just the month and date of your birth. You will need to be careful, however, about sharing your age, since that will make it easy from the bad guys to get your full date of birth.

Facebook and other social media sites are all about sharing but that does not mean you need to share every aspect of your life. There are some things that are, and should remain, personal, and sharing those personal details could put your financial life and even your physical safety at risk.

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