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5 Best Node.js Web Application Frameworks

Node.js is a popular JavaScript framework that allows developers to create scalable networked web applications. Node.js contains different types of frameworks such as full-stack framework, MVC framework and REST API. These frameworks are user-friendly and relatively easy to use. Here are 5 of the best node.js web application frameworks.

Locomotive is a web-based framework with a conventional file structure and common MVC patterns. Locomotive uses the Express framework to employ a highly organized structure for routes and controllers. It integrates easily with all database and template engines. It produces gorgeous code and an extremely fast development time. It’s fairly easy to use if you have a background in Rails. The present feature set is reliable and covered by unit tests.

1_nphY1fk191cfpJQQWXxkkQKeystoneJS is a content management system and web application platform built on Express and Mongo. It was created to allow developers to build database driven web applications. It uses Express framework, which is great for hybrid web applications. It is known for its reliability for commercial web applications and moving them into production. It provides tools and modules to enable easier building of routes, sessions, models, etc. It comes with an admin dashboard which is created automatically from the mongoose models.

SailsSails.js is a great framework that makes developing custom enterprise applications and modern Node.js apps a breeze. It’s also useful for creating charts, dashboards and games. It is designed to emulate the MVC architecture of other frameworks for developers like Ruby on Rails. Sails.js adds support for data-driven APIs with a highly scalable architecture. Features include 100% JavaScript compliance, a simple data access layer that works with any database and simple, practical data modeling.

Total.jsTotal.js is another excellent framework for building web applications and websites using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. This framework has various excellent features. A unique templating engine provides simple and powerful web development templates. The framework is extensible so you can rewrite functionality and replace it with your own if required. RESTful routing gives the framework one of the best routing engines around. To create real-time applications and multiplayer games the framework supports Server-Sent events and WebSocket.

express-jsExpress is a flexible and minimal node.js web application framework. It has a solid set of features to allow building single and multi-page websites and hybrid web applications. The minimal layer of features provide great performance without obscuring features you need to use in node.js. Express uses third-party node modules which provides the ability to interface with practically any database. Express allows you to structure your web application dependent on the size of your team and the application scale. Routes and other application logic can be placed in any number of files within any preferred directory structure.

All these node.js web application frameworks provide similar basic features and tools. Choosing the best framework for your website or web application depends on various factors. Before you make your final choice do your research and test the framework that fits your project and your team.

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  1. Stephanie
    October 10, 2014 at 2:48 am

    Wow, this is excellent! It's nice to have the different frameworks spelled out in simple terms. I wouldn't have understood their usefulness, otherwise. Which one would you recommend for a beginner?

    Reply »
  2. francis woods
    September 12, 2014 at 1:38 pm

    I have tried Express but wasn't impressed by it. Maybe it is because I am well versed in the others, but I thought that it didn't have enough features for me.

    Reply »
    • Krescoch
      January 31, 2015 at 2:33 am

      I agree with you! The features were a little lacking compared to the other frameworks that I am more familiar with.

      Reply »

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