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4 Web Development Tips for Boosting Online Sales

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A website’s design can have a massive impact on conversion rates and the number of overall sales for an online business. Much like in a physical store, layout and presentation are often deciding factors in whether a potential customer commits to exchanging their hard-earned cash for your goods or services. Follow these tips to make your website an efficient and productive source of revenue to grow and expand your business.

  1. Shopping cart

if_Shopping_Cart_1397288Always have the customers shopping cart visible after they’ve added an item to it. If they have to go searching through menus to find what’s in their cart, your business will come across as unprofessional and untrustworthy. By having the shopping cart present on every page, checking what they’ve purchased will be as smooth and hassle-free as possible for the customer, thereby assuring transparency and building trust between both parties.

A highly visible shopping cart is also conducive to a more efficient transition from shopping to purchasing, as it’s easier for the customer to click through to the payment screen. Make the cart stand out by choosing bright and contrasting colors so the client will know where to find it.

  1. Call to action

if_Call_To_Action_2736229Every sales opportunity needs a compelling call to action. With online sales, the CTA commonly manifests itself as an “add to cart” button. It’s important that this button is conspicuous and instantly recognizable to any would-be customer. The text must be clear and concise to leave no doubt as to what it does.

Use bright, cheery colors for the button’s background to help reinforce the accessibility and positivity associated with clicking through to the payment page. The CTA is a crucial and sometimes overlooked aspect of online sales, and getting it right will significantly improve your conversion rates.

  1. Product pages

if_list_2_194279Your product pages need to include a lot of information, so you need to prioritize the most important elements, such as the product image and specifications. Reserve the best space on the page for an enticing image of the product. Customers have short attention spans, so a picture is the most efficient and instantaneous means of conveying what you’re selling.

Product reviews and extended descriptions are secondary information that can be placed further down the page, and customers will scroll to read it if their interest is piqued. Clarity is the most important design aspect to consider when constructing your product pages, so keep them simple, place the most salient information first, and avoid clutter at all costs.

  1. Navigation



Customers must be able to navigate your website easily and without confusion. Take the time to construct simple and clear navigation paths for clients to browse your products and services quickly. Aesthetics comes second to functionality, so remove your artistic hat and take a more pragmatic approach.

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