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3 Nifty Tips Tricks to Optimize Your PHP Code

Every once in a while it helps to visit your coding habits and see if there are areas that can be improved upon. For some programmers, this could mean a complete overhaul of their coding methods while for others it might just mean a few adjustments here and there. This article explains 3 easy to implement tips and tricks which can make your PHP code quite a bit more efficient.

  1. To Quote or to Double Quote

if_double_quote_serif_right_3005846Most programmers, especially beginners, use single quotes and double quotes interchangeably most of the time. For example, the following two PHP statements might be considered identical by some PHP programmers :

       i. echo ‘John Doe’;

       ii. echo “John Doe”;

Both these statements might be identical as far as the outputs (which would be John Doe in both cases) are concerned.

“There is, however, a significant difference in the way these two statements are processed. PHP processes and evaluates the contents enclosed by double quotes while it simple considers contents enclosed in single quotes as strings

  1. Increment/Decrement Variables Efficiently

if_Efficiently_2897394One of the most common programming statements includes incrementing/decrementing a variable by one. PHP provides two operators (++ and -) which do exactly this but can be used in a couple of different ways.

  1. Smart Hack To Check For Minimum String Lengths

if_files-folders-44_808617Most PHP scripts which validate user inputs often need to ascertain that a string has a minimum length before it is accepted. The common method of doing that is by using the function strlen($strvar) which returns the length of the string variable passed as a parameter to it.

The benefits of these three programming practices might not be obvious in a small script. However, when these issues are repeated over and over again in a larger application, every little optimization can make your code quicker. Not only will this reduce the burden on your server, it will also result in a much better user experience.

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