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3 Hot Jobs in the IT Field

In this age of technological glory, workers that are trained to work in the IT (Information Technology) field are in high demand. With dozens of prospective job opportunities ranging from entry level to executive, IT workers have a healthy job outlook and plenty of room for career advancement. Read below to discover five of the hottest jobs in the IT field.

1. Network Administrator

if_10_2938928A network administrator is responsible for the installation and management of GANs (Global Area Networks), WANs (Wide Area Networks) and LAN (Local Area Networks). Troubleshooting is a large part of the job as a network administrator, as is configuring workstations and printers and implementing system-wide upgrades when necessary. Depending on the company you work for, being a network administrator can be quite stressful, as you may be in charge of 150+ users without much additional help. The median annual salary for a network administrator is $50,000, however the top 10% can expect to earn up to $72,000.


if_captain_1314804The position of CIO (Chief Information Officer) is a highly coveted job for most IT workers. A CIO is the head of the IT department and is responsible for overseeing managing and making executive decisions regarding the IT needs of the specific organization. ClOs recruit staff, manage budgets and make decisions regarding the software and technology used within the department. Another important aspect of a ClO’s job description is ensuring the security of the company’s digital files. It is important to note that this position isn’t entry level or middle management – it typically takes at least ten years of experience (some companies may even require 15 years in the industry) in order to qualify for this position. The median annual salary for a CIO is $152,000, though salaries can peak at $275,000.

3. Information Security Analyst

if_Guard_2634723Tasked with one of the most vital roles within a company, an information security analyst safeguards a business’ data against security breaches. This includes protecting against hacking attempts as well as blocking and preventing viruses by routinely monitoring, testing and updating security systems. Though not all aspects of the job are as exciting as protecting against a security breach, much of the responsibilities of an information security analyst involve preventing unintended leaks and alterations of files. The median annual salary for an information security analyst is $70,000 – high earners can expect salaries to be in the $100,000 range.

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These results are based on the freelance jobs extracted from Upwork.

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