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12 Tips for Extending the Life of your Smartphone Battery

Smartphones are packed with features designed to make life easier and more enjoyable, while also increasing connectivity to other people. Smartphones serve many useful functions, including the ability to make phone calls, send and receive texts and emails access social networking sites, listen to music, watch videos play games, download apps and even serve as navigation devices. Unfortunately, these features place huge demands on the battery life of your device, causing the battery to drain quickly. The following tips can make a big difference in extending the life of your smartphone battery.

  1. Activate energy-saving mode



Most smartphones come with a built-in energy saving option. Energy-saving mode will automatically tweak various settings to conserve the battery. However, this option may not be suitable for everyone, as it could alter essential settings and have an adverse affect on some applications.

  1. Talk



Voice calls use up surprisingly little battery power compared with other forms of communication. Sending texts for example, can use up to four times as much battery power as talking on the phone.


  1. Disable animations



Animated wallpapers, screensavers and menu items use up extra battery power. Conserve your smartphone battery by using static wallpapers and turning off unnecessary menu animations and visual effects.


  1. Update the operating system

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Check for updates to the operating system, as newer versions often include improved energy saving options. Some, but not all, smartphones automatically check for updates.


  1. Download a power-management application



There are several applications, or apps available to help manage the power settings on your smartphone. Most free power management apps allow you to tweak settings to conserve the battery, while also offering a paid upgrade for more advanced options.


  1. Keep it cool



Keep your smartphone away from sources of heat, as overheating can damage the battery cells. Store your smartphone in a cool case or bag when you take it outdoors, and try to avoid exposing it to strong sunlight.


  1. Dim the screen

if_device_monitor_screen___3_290035The backlight of your smartphone screen can place huge demands on the battery. Reducing the brightness of your screen will extend the life of your battery. In addition, you can reduce the timeout settings for your screen. Some smartphones automatically adjust the screen brightness in different situations.

  1. Disable GPS



GPS location services can be useful for some applications. However, leaving GPS turned on constantly will drain your battery, as it constantly scans for your location. Switch off GPS when it is not needed.


  1. Close unused applications



Unused applications often run in the background, draining the resources of your smartphone, including the battery. Check the list of running applications to see what is running. If there are unnecessary processes or services running, switch them off and prevent them from running at startup.

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth



When your smartphone has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, it is continually scanning for available networks and devices. This uses a large amount of battery power. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when they are not needed.


  1. Disable vibrations



The vibrate function of your smartphone will use more battery power than audible notifications. Turn off the vibrate function, wherever possible, or reduce the amount of vibrations for each notification. Some individual applications also allow you to change the vibration settings.


  1. Change auto-sync settings

if_settings_452584Auto-sync settings vary depending on the smartphone, operating system and individual applications. Ideally, in order to conserve as much battery as possible, you should turn off auto-sync. Alternatively, increase the amount of time between auto-sync tasks.

Smartphone batteries tend to drain quickly, even with minimal use, but following these simple tips will help to conserve your battery power and increase the life of your battery. You should also aim to replace your smartphone battery every 12-24 months as it will degrade over time.

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