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10 Reasons Your Item Isn’t Selling on eBay

eBay is a virtual marketplace where professional and amateur sellers come together to unload merchandise in all types of conditions. Whether it’s a Chinese manufacturer selling discount e-cigarettes or a housewife from Minnesota offering the clothing her children have grown out of, you can find virtually anything on the online auction house’s website.

If you have something to sell, but can’t seem to find a buyer, there are probably a couple of quick fixes for your listing that will make it more attractive. Think your vintage ’70s raincoat or brand new PS3 should have sold by now? Use the following checklist to make sure your item listing is up to par.

  1. Dark photos

If your photos aren’t properly lit, eBay customers will immediately assume you are trying to hide something. You don’t need to have professional photos to sell on eBay, but make sure to use a camera with flash, at the very least.

  1. Manufacturers photos

Many people make the mistake of only using a manufacturer’s photo of the product they’re trying to sell, especially in the case of used electronics. This can come off as misleading. Make sure to take photos of the actual item that you are listing in addition to a manufacturer’s photo.

  1. Low quality photos

High resolution photos work wonders on eBay, especially for collectible or fashion items that come in varying conditions. Most smart phones these days can take high-res pictures; just check your camera settings.

  1. Short or missing description

Even though photos are important, they don’t tell the whole story. Make sure to add at least a paragraph or bullet list that includes all of your item’s details, features and condition information. It’s important to give people as many angles on your product as possible.

  1. Damage mentioned but not shown in photos

If you do mention any wear and tear or other damage in your description, it’s absolutely imperative that you show a photograph of that damage. Otherwise, buyers won’t have a clear idea of how bad it is and will be deterred from bidding.

  1. Price too high for competition

Even if you think your antique lamp is worth $3,000, the eBay buying public may only want to pay $30. Research prices of similar items on eBay, especially listings that have already closed and sold. If you’re asking a lot more than everyone else, your item is not going to sell.

  1. Reserve price

Reserve price auctions are rarely successful unless they are associated with very unique collectibles or motor vehicles. Instead of posting a reserve, simply use the lowest price you would accept as your starting bid. That way, everything is on the table from the get-go and buyers won’t feel Iike they’re wasting their time if they don’t meet the reserve.

  1. Low feedback

If you don’t have feedback on eBay, don’t even bother trying to sell yet. Instead, go purchase a few items to get your feedback rating started. Feedback can be left by sellers as well as buyers!

  1. Wrong category

Many eBay sellers don’t take the time to research the category they are listing their item in. Often times, eBay will catch these mistakes, but sometimes they can slip by. eBay has a lot of categories, so make sure to browse through all applicable ones before choosing.

  1. Unanswered buyer questions

eBay has a useful feature for buyers through which they can ask the seller specific questions about an item that may not be addressed in the photos or description. Unfortunately, many novice sellers leave these questions unanswered-which means their items will be left unsold. Always respond to people who are curious about your product!

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