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10 Best Android Screen Recorders

Screen recording apps capture and save your current display on smartphones and tablets. They are invaluable when an image does not have a ‘”save image” option or if you need to keep a screenshot. Here are the best screen recorders to make these tasks easy.

  1. Screenshot ER: Freemium

Screenshot ER is a screen recording app that claims to work where others fail. It is user friendly and works with rooted devices. The app’s settings allow you to capture any image you want with sounds vibrations, three preview modes and override capability. You can also flip, rotate and edit images and edit the storage folder.

  1. No Root Screenshot LITE: Free

NRS LITE is for users who want to record their screen but don’t want to root their device. You can capture images by shaking your device and edit, crop and add drawings. The app also features pinch-zoom viewing, a delayed timer and share menu integration.

  1. MyPosition: Free

com.speedymarks.android.mypositionFree_186dadf3-12aa-4e70-9bb4-343132673cce_MyPosition is a map editing and capture app that combines GPS and screen capture technologies. You can mark points on a map through GPS, draw routes then capture and send the image to provide or receive directions. For example, your friends can mark a location, capture the image and send it to you with short messages, arrows and instructions. As long as the GPS service can detect your location, you can use SMS, MMS or email to share locations and directions.

  1. Screenshot: Free

A simple, intuitive app, Screenshot records the image with one tap of an icon. It also has a preview mode and can edit, draw, crop and create mosaics. Designed for rooted phones, the developers claim that Screenshot can capture images on many un-rooted handsets with an additional tap on the icon.

  1. Screenshot Free: Free

Screenshot Free lets you can capture an image by gently shaking your phone. The shake intensity is adjustable, so you can avoid accidental or unwanted screen captures. It provides basic editing tools such as crop, pencil, draw, erase and emboss and the share function integrates with email, social media and productivity apps.

  1. Screenshot UX: Freemium

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Screenshot UX captures images with a shake or an icon tap and saves them in several formats. Customizable options include countdown feedback, save folders and a fast-start shortcut. Editing tools include draw, redo and crop. Its controls are intuitive and user-friendly, with seamless sharing to email, messaging apps, social media and more.

  1. Screenshot Ultimate: Free

Screenshot Ultimate is one of the most advanced screen recording apps for Android devices. With 16 different capture methods, this app works on both rooted and un-rooted devices. In addition to basic draw and text functions, it provides a range of artistic photo editing effects so you can rotate, create mirror images and apply color and effect filters. Fully customizable, it even has options for shutter sounds.

  1. Screen Capture Shortcut Free: Free

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Screen Capture Shortcut is a no-frills app that simply saves screenshots. Ideal for those who don’t need a lot of creativity or customization, it’s a functional app that works on rooted and un-rooted devices.

  1. Dropcap2 for Root Users: Free

Dropcap2 is one of the simplest apps for recording screen images-just shake to capture. If you prefer not to shake your device, you can use a pull-down prompt or an icon. Dropcap2 saves images in JPEG and PNG formats.

  1. Screen Grabber: Free

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Screen Grabber has several trigger options including button combinations and hand motions.

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